Life has included many hardships for you to learn and grow from. It is through the lessons and growth that many of you discovered a deeply embedded truth of oneself and that truth is the to love yourself. It appears to be the hardest for humans to acquire. Through the challenges and day-to-day hectic hassles you reach within for , a deeper inner-strength that is fed from your determination to succeed. You are manoeuvering along your path in the direction of what is to make you happy. This energy pull is soft, trusting and strong. This inner calling to achieving peace and happiness that affects all areas of your existence is woven between you, God and the unending Universe. Through all your trials and tribulations you have gained significant knowledge and incredible wisdom. Yet, through all this, self-love seems to always go to the way-side.

I have come through your fellow sister to communicate the relevance of your thoughts and words that you are well aware of. Most are well aware that I work within the , the chakra of communication. By allowing my guidance I will instruct with subtle gestures about knowing what to say and not what to say. It is important to be clear with what you wish to convey. Don't use language that words that you can't pronounce or don't know the meaning of just to impress. Speak with a clarity and simplicity that is easy to your even if your is only one person. When you elaborate without being asked you end up using a lot of energy dear ones. Your speech ought to be impactful and say only what is needed to be said without causing harm to which you are speaking to.

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