A lot has happened since I last spoke to you, as you all to complete the final preparations that will enable you to into Reality. It is an event that will soon come to pass. I know you dislike that word, but there truly is no satisfactory replacement for it, so "soon" is the word we have to use.

The Light you all carry and display continues to brighten as you discard old and unloving attitudes and behaviors. All across the world that Light is having a miraculous effect as it ripples outwards and blends with the energy of all who are working steadily and determinedly to bring about the changes necessary to move humanity forward into the long- awaited and enthusiastically anticipated new age.

As you well know God's Love embraces all of life because He created it. Life is an eternal gift from Him, offering an infinite selection of experiences from which you can choose in order to learn about Him and understand how much He loves you. In the , as you live life as a human, the pain and suffering you see and experience might well lead you to think that this could not be the case. However, the is illusory and so are your experiences within it.

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