When your awakening happens — as all negative or unloving thoughts and attitudes dissolve — total peace and love will fill your hearts, expanding them to encompass infinity. The happiness that that will bring you is utterly indescribable, and it is divinely guaranteed. While you wait expectantly for that exhilarating , know that you are constantly watched over and supported by those in the spiritual realms.

They are with you to assist you in demonstrating to your sisters and brothers that necessary state of openness which will encourage and enable them to release their reluctance to acknowledge — or their refusal to believe in — the inner for God that is within each one of you, and which is constantly calling all to .

And awaken you will — because it is God's Will. And God's Will is humanity's will, because, as part of God, at one with Him, no other will is possible. People have just lost their way in the maze of the illusion, and that is distracting them from remembering who they truly are. You who are holding the Light of God on high, by gently and kindly extending love, compassion, acceptance, and forgiveness to all, are having a profound effect on everyone with whom you interact physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually, even though you remain unaware of it.

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