Give THANKS for the Opportunities
Serapis Bey’s Weekly Message ~ April 20 – 27, 2012
Channeled by:
April 20, 2012

I primarily work in the capacity that helps bring balance and order when your own world and inner- is faced with deep and chaos. It is through me dear ones that you will learn the difference between realistic rationality and ardent reactions; in other words, the Yin and Yang. When I am asked to work with you, I will show you as simply as possible either Yin or Yang, the opportunities presented to you to balance the inner that can often affect your daily living and in time have an effect on your spiritual health. Dear ones, with every experience you confront that seems to cause a great impact in a negative way, by being observant with constant and tenacity you can find and receive deep and perfect balance within your . When you are moving through the efforts to make this occur, you will eventually find if you are paying attention the growth that you have wanted to achieve into your Higher . It is the Higher , the soul that yearns for the original push for that expansion towards Perfection. While on the search for balance, dear ones you will also notice you will have to dig into deep waters for that inner-knowledge that is lacking and in the ways of providing . At times this is an uneasy process only because most of you are unaware of any that you are possibly missing, until a time arises in a situation that causes you to sit up and question. During such times it is common and noticed that the confusion that occurs during such circumstances can be annoying and cause some frustration upon yourselves. Be kind to yourself and love yourself. This is all part of the challenge of knowing oneself. Don’t be hard on yourself for not knowing something. Learn to understand the meaning of why you are in need of a lesson at that particular . Through the understanding you will find relief from the confusion dear ones.

With each and every opportunity be thankful for the opportunities that have been presented to you that have led to growth in both your personal and spiritual life. It is your emotional attitude and feelings and the ability to be able to reason rationally that will serve you the best than any fit of anger or use of cold detachment. Regardless which of these out-of-balance responses you tend to use, they are there because you tend to deny the seriousness of the situation until you are nearly literally pushed against the proverbial wall. There is a middle balance that can be reached if you are willing to make the effort to reach it. Like anything else dear ones, it is up to you make the conscious choice of what you want to do at each moment. If you truly wish to find the middle balance or work on finding perfect balance, you will make the effort.

Without trying to frighten you, I will tell you now, each of you will face something that will be considered traumatic and difficult to what you think of using those words. This only means there will be big changes, challenges, lessons, and events that will take place over the next few weeks, months and even years. I am not going to forecast when exactly but only to tell you what you are doing now, will help you prepare for those situations when they do occur. Having the right attitude and learning how to cope with loving intent in all your actions will contribute in the ease of those situations when they do come. Taking heed prior to the arrival of any unexpected event might help you develop and move past the subconscious need to repeat certain experiences over again. You have already seen and done so much already. You know the lessons you learned already. No matter what your age or level of spiritual experience or achievement, there will always be something more to learn from and develop. Lessons, tests, challenges and so on occur all the time. There is never any grading done by me, by God or any other spiritual person that works with you. The only one who does the grading is you. I ask you to cease the unnecessary grading and love yourself throughout the journey you are on dear ones. Before you show others kindness, give yourself some. Do not deprive yourself of your own essentials for a harmonious living and life.

Each day is open opportunity to prepare yourself mentally with confidence, reminding yourself of your strength and courage. Providing yourself with love and compassion will aid in your unwavering connection to your God-Self that is a force of unmistakable strength and is there for you to access when you are in need of any thrust or boost during any chaotic moment that has transpired into your life. For any situation, find a way to stabilize your emotional state and bring an instant calm to your mind, body and spirit. This is something like reprogramming yourself as one does a computer when there is need to correct something that is no longer serving well or efficiently enough. Create a question and feedback scenario dear ones and use them as a guide to any possible outcome. When creating your feedback to the questions, think with truth and honesty what response for you that would be most effective for all that could be involved and that is from the heart that shines your God-Self.

Dear ones, a lengthy discussion is at hand today but an important one. No matter what the situation that has presented itself to you, ensure you call for the Light of God to protect you and guide you towards a plausible direction. By doing this, your focus is reinstated and your connection to yourself and God is reaffirmed. Believe and KNOW with absolute conviction that you can handle the situation that you will face. Believe and UNDERSTAND God will never give you more than you can handle. Trust in yourself and in your connectedness with God. There have been some instances dear ones when God Himself has carried his children through the hardest of situations. He never turns His back on you, no matter what some may think. In your belief of yourself, of God you will calm the fear-type reactions. You will have created and found techniques that will bring peace to the emotional tendencies that tend to overwhelm you normally. With the peace and calm you bring to any situation, your clarity will open and more rational thought patterns will emerge and give you a stronger ability to not only communicate with confidence but to be confident in all instances. Remember dear ones; we are with you when you call us to support you through any storm of any size. Even with the newly found confidence your can feel depleted. Call on me, or any Master, angel or guide. We will help provide that extra bit of strength you need to get through the toughest hurdle.

When scary situations arise, find a quiet place and ask yourself “What are the entirety of my choices?” also “What can I do that would be most effective for everyone, not only for myself?” There just might be some instances when you will have to reject certain possibilities by examining that would normally only work to bring out any additional unwelcomed circumstances. Definitely remove the possible need to scream or react in an undesirable manner. Such outbursts could easily compound any situation. Remember dear ones; calm and peace.

No matter what know and believe you are never a victim. Every single experience regardless if they are thought as good or bad are there for reasons. It is you that have made choices and it is you that is the creator of your experiences. All the challenges that you have met thus far have come for your own growth. This may sound upsetting especially for those who have been through incredibly painful traumas at the hands of someone else. It still comes down to choice dear ones. And the ones causing the pain also had a choice to make. And both could have chosen differently.

I am here today through your sister to encourage you to prepare yourself for the possible “what-if” that will occur at some point. Pay attention to details to what is happening around you dear ones. By being able to prepare yourself ahead of time and you find yourself in a state or situation you have already chosen not to be in, you will have in place what you need to do to remove yourself by pulling yourself together rationally without panic or disorder. Your body will tell you with very specific signs when you are in a state of survival mode even from the smallest notion. The most important thing I want to stress on is to not shut down due to fear or overwhelmed emotions that will only deplete your lovely energy. Practice the techniques that are best for you for finding calm quickly and effectively during any emergency or situation. Look at the small irritations that cause high flare ups of tension and anger. When you feel yourself become heated and on the verge of spilling foul language and obscenities, catch yourself and stop yourself with the methods you found useful. Quickly look at the situation and realize YOU have POWER and the KNOWLEDGE to correct this before it becomes ugly. Find that balance you have painstakingly worked on dear ones. It will make you feel better and all that is involved feel better too even if they never admit it.

We will continue with our discussion next week through your sister. I am grateful and honoured to always work through her and to speak to all of you. Accept that my love and support will always be available if and when you require it. You only need to stress what you wish with the purest of intent and heart. Until next week I salute and bless you as you manoeuvre with great effort through your journey.

And so it is, Serapis Bey through Julie Miller