God said:

You can know that there is a reason or reasons for everything. You don't have to know the reason. From the branch of the tree that you sit on, you cannot see that far. Even if you could see that far, you probably wouldn't grasp what you saw. The point is that you do not have to know any reason. There is not quite cause and effect, nor are events random. Asking Why isn't quite the right question, for the answer will not be right for you either. An answer will not assuage you. The question Why repeats and repeats itself.

There is a tendency for you to think that if you understood why something occurs, you would feel better. And yet an answer would not satisfy you. You would argue with it.

The thing is you do not have to okay what occurs in life. You don't have to give your approval any more than you have to give your disapproval. Occurrences in life are occurrences. They occur. That's about as far as you can go.

Naturally, you want something to make sense to you. From the level of your mind, there is no sense. Explanation cannot solve your heart's woe. We can say that your mind is like your left shoe and your heart is like your right shoe. Your left shoe cannot fit your right foot and so on. Why bark up the wrong tree? I am not really asking Why, you understand.

When you ask Me why you were born, I tell you that you were born to love. I could ask why you ask. I could ask: Are you so dissatisfied with life that you insist on answers, and, furthermore, you insist on answers that you want even when no answer is the one you want?

I make no mistakes, beloveds, yet if I were to say I had made a mistake, that would not assuage you.

It comes down to this: You have to go on the premise that what occurs, no matter how you protest it, is in the best interest of all, including yourself. Yet this is very hard for you to accede to. How can what you don't want be a blessing, you ask yourself. It is unfathomable. You crave the details. You can't quite take My word for it.

Man is like the in Greek mythology who daily rolled a huge boulder up a hill only to see the boulder roll back down again. This was his life throughout Eternity. He could not stem the rolling back of the boulder any more than you can roll back events in life. You ask, "Why did this happen? How could this happen?" Perhaps the in the myth continually scratched his head and asked himself: "Why can't the boulder stay up where I put it?"

Persistence is a good quality, yet there are times you have to pause and take a different direction.

Get on with it, beloveds. You do not have to protest what cannot be changed. What you can change is yourself and how you deal with the past. That is what we are talking about, the past, isn't it? Why questions come from attention on the past.

Make peace with the past. Do not keep the past alive. You have enough to take care of now. Now is waiting for you. Now wants to engage with you. Now is right here before you. Live not in the past, for you have the present to live in. There is a stairway before you. Look up. Stop looking back. Take a step up. Even when your foot doesn't know what it is climbing to, lift your foot.

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