God said:

When your runneth over, enjoy it. You are meant for brimful. A empties only so that it may be filled. You are ascending to love. does not have to be something that happens to you. Rise to it. Rise closer to your .

Sometimes you feel in a daze. You didn't see it coming, this True Self. Others may see it before you do. Why be the to know how much love you are? If you see love all around you, you can know that you sparked it. This is no mistake. This is revelation. This is when you reveal yourself to yourself. This is when you stand up and say, as I do say, "I am here."

The One of Me is all that there is, so it is I Who says, "I am here." Perhaps you are My echo, in which case, you echo love. Yodeler or not, you are the essence of love. Welcome to . Welcome to Paradise. I have been waiting for you. I have been preparing for you. I knew of your arrival. Thank you for coming.

Yes, even in the moil and toil of life on Earth, there is Oneness Rising. You rise to yourself. You take your rightful in the field of life. So many scenes have sped past you, and now you lead. Your simple Beingness leads.

No longer does the world you on your position in the world. No longer does the world you at all. Now the world embraces you, clasps you tightly to itself, and holds you as a mirror and looks into it and sees Me, sees you, sees itself. A New Day is born. You stand on a higher rung of the even though, in truth, there is no higher, no lower. Actually, there is only one rung in the . Now you know where it is. You stand on it and cannot be shaken from it. Once you reach this imagined hurdle of the , nothing can deter you. Nothing can keep you from rising. Your heart is rising now.

All the climbing, all the ascending, all the top of the that you can reach, have always been right there, ready for you to claim your place. A in the firmament holds its ground, so to speak. A in the firmament holds still like the Statue of Liberty. The Statue of Liberty is immovable. You are immovable. You stand tall in your place in Heaven. All are equal, and you waver not. You do not stand in line. You soar! You soar to My heart. You are your own leveler. No longer is there a first and a last. No longer is there someone in the middle. There is no position. There is love.

Love is aglow. You are aglow with love. Once you sit down, you fit. You belong here. Of course, there is no place as such that you belong. You belong everywhere. You are everywhere. You have emblazoned the Universe with the light of love as it passes all borders. The love you are permeates everywhere. Thy Name is Love. So be it.

Love is etched everywhere. Written in sand, written in the waters, embedded in stone. You are My love spanning the Universe, restoring love. Love is a ribbon of you that expands all over the Universe. You are a ribbon of love, a shower of love, love as it is, love calling all hearts to yours, not for you but for all the seeming others who are, in reality, you. And so love loves itself. Love ties a bow, for love reaches all hearts and stays with them like at an outing.

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