God said:

Be open to life. Let life show up. It may not be as you expect. It may be quite different from what you expect, yet life appears, and life is to be welcomed. Love life, and yet not hold on to it. Life is a chimera. Life depends upon the filter you see life through. Accommodate life. Everything that occurs or does not occur is expanding you. You are not exactly a , yet you expand. Sometimes you feel stretched. Feeling stretched is also part of life.

You want a sunny day at the beach, and it rains. Enjoy the rain then. What is to stop you but an in your mind? An in your mind limits you from joy. Have other ideas that will not limit you.

You are meant for happiness and greatness. You are not meant for unhappiness and smallness. And so you expand. You are mighty, yet you are not a mighty oak that cannot bend. You are like a mighty willow tree. You are not blown away nor do you stand adamant. The winds of go through the branches of a willow. The willow is not a pushover. The willow stands firm, and yet it bends. It makes way for newness. Be a staunch supporter of newness. Welcome the breezes of .

Life beckons you. It beckons you to change. It is certain that life does not stay the same. Nor must you.

Be amenable to change. Do not make judgments. Make change welcome. Progress does not come from staying the same. A human being is someone who grows and changes. It is not that you betray your life by not holding onto it. You further your life. At every moment, you are growing closer to Me. You leap over the tall past. You are gracious to life. What else is there for you to do?

Change may not be what you want, and yet you would do well to make friends with it.

Consider life like the weather. You cannot lash the sun to a certain position in the sky nor can you erase the clouds at will. You can erase the storms of your mind that the course of life, however. If you must , your unwillingness to change, for change may be your best option, your only option.

Where do hard feelings come from except from an unwillingness to change? Have soft feelings. Be tender to life in all its guises. Life is mobile, and so you must move with it. Consider what is necessary, and what is not necessary.

In summer you do not need a winter coat. In winter you may want to wear ear muffs. What is fitting in one season of life is unfitting in another season. You are a human being who adapts to what is. You are not silly about the seasons. Sometimes, with life, you are silly. You may protest that water gets you wet. Life itself is like water. It flows, and, beloveds, you are to flow with it. Certainly, you can paddle your own canoe, yet why paddle upstream? Why upstream?

You can walk on the of the river. You can have a firm step, and yet not be tied to your former reactions.

And, so, you are adaptable. You can choose. You are not Johnny One Note. You are a human being who knows when to swim and when to float. When there is a tree you want to climb, you do not cut it down. When you protest life, are you not protesting the very tree you want to climb?

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