God said:

Are you tired of the of love? Do you feel that enough has been said about love? Do you perhaps feel that love is too peripheral a ? That love has eluded you and perhaps is not for you? You may have eluded love, but love would never elude you. You may have been unaware of love. That is not love's fault. Be aware of love right now. Consider that love stands on every street corner waiting for you to appear.

Love has been seeking you from pillar to post. Love never ignored you. You simply didn't see the signs. You passed by love without a backward glance. You demanded that love arrive in a certain guise, and so you were perturbed about love. Love didn't wear the hat you expected it to, or it wore no hat at all. Love didn't have a sign hanging from its neck that said: "I am love. Here I am."

You had to read between the lines. Love was anonymous until you picked it out from the crowd. Love was like a movie starlet you had to notice. You had to recognize the stardom of love.

If you want love, then notice love. Welcome love. If you wanted a knight on a white charger, you may have been unwilling to notice a knight who was walking instead of riding. Make room for love. Let love arrive as it does, and welcome it and nourish it.

Despite everything you may think, love requires recognition and nourishment from you.

Love does not arrive as a package in the mail. Love from inside you has to alight. The love within you is the love you have to see and unwrap. Roll out the love in your own . Let it be a loran that guides you.

A speck of love can grow into a mountain of love. Love does not have to reach you full-blown. Love may nod to you, and then how you bring out that love is up to you. Of course, you can ignore it. Of course, you have ignored it. If love didn't wear the coat of many colors, you averted your from it. No how hungry you were for love, if it did not appear as you wanted it to, you averted your face from it. You decided that that love was not good enough for you.

From a speck, love can grow. Love has to grow bigger than your mind. You mind doesn't know as much as it thinks. Let's face it. You have, in the past, been a snob of love. Only certain shapes of love would you welcome. Perhaps only the most fantastic love was good enough for you.

You can't be dead pan when it comes to love. When love enters the room you are in, get up and greet it. You may never know what grows from a seedling until you let it grow. Not even a slight glimpse of love is to be ignored. Be a greeter of love.

Love can be wrapped fancy, and not be right for you. Love simple may last long and wear well. Love may be a lei tossed to you. It doesn't matter the form of love. Invite love and welcome it.

Let love be the of the band. Let love seek you out. Let love deck you out with roses. Let love arise, becoming to your heart.

Let your heart soar. Let your heart soar where it soars. Follow the love in your heart. You are the in which love is to grow.

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