God said:

Look, it's okay that you make . Of course, you make . You are groping your way in life and often wear a blindfold. Only afterwards does the blindfold come off, and you see. Be glad that you see now. You are past a particular mistake now. You simply don't know everything. And sometimes you are not thinking. The thing is you think now, and now you are aware. Hurray. Be happy. Applaud yourself for learning. What are regrets but that you have learned something? Fantastic!

The movie you are in now is not finished. The movie is in process, and there are retakes. This movie of life gives you opportunity to try again in another scene. Isn't that wonderful?

I made you perfect. Perfect doesn't mean that you know everything. Perfect doesn't mean that you don't have anything to learn. Perfect doesn't mean that you are full-grown right now. How can you be a human being in a body and do everything that pleases you when you are learning, learning, learning? You are a novice.

Life is spontaneous. There are no instruction books. Well, yes, there are, and yet you may not yet be ready to follow them. You are real. You are not a sham. You give more than lip service. Mistakes are not like scalps that you collect. Mistakes are mistakes. When you have made one, then throw it away. No reason to keep it.

The fact is that you learn as you go along. A learner is not less perfect than someone who has already learned. A learner is learning. Everyone in the world has something to learn and something to unlearn.

You learn from everywhere. You learn in your own backyard, and you learn in other countries. A human being is someone who is learning. He is perfect in his learning.

Look not to know everything, for then you are barking up the wrong tree.

Look to give love, and, then, how well you will grow.

This is how you become all you want to be. You may even revise your list of what you want to be.

Know this. The rest of your life holds great fortune for you. It will offer you much evidence of what you have already learned. No need to retrace your life and fix it up. Let error go. It was a passing thing. Now you have more love to give. Do you learn love? I suppose you do. You learn to hamper love less. You learn to express it more. You are eager to express love more.

And, so, you are learning love in life. You are learning how to give it more and to be comfortable with giving it more. Beyond a doubt, you will learn that you are one who loves. You receive your own giving. You are a partner in love. In one supreme feat, you give and receive love. Hard to tell who is the giver and who is the receiver when love is all in one fell swoop.

You are going to do somersaults of love. You are going to be an of love, so limber in love are you becoming.

When you ask yourself what you have done in life, you will be able to answer: "I have given love."

You have learned love and the giving and receiving of it. You have learned to put love at the of your list, love before all else. All this you have learned.

You have taken your assignment to assign love seriously and then you have joy and give joy, for you are love and joy, and you learn the love and joy that you are, but perhaps have been reluctant to soar to the heights of, or not believed that you have enough love to give. Hear Me, beloveds, you multiply love by giving it. This is what you learn.

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