God said:

Seemingly, one day follows another. Seemingly, there is an eve, and there is the morning after.

In the world of love, there is no before or after. Love is this instant, and love is like an unending string. There is no knot in it. There is no beginning nor is there an end.

From My perspective, there is nothing attached to it either. No clothespins on the line. Nothing hanging there.

Or We can see the string of Eternity as a string of lights only without flashing. Simply lights that are always on, and have always been on. There is no departure. There is no entrance. They are not even strung across the world, for there is no world to string them across.

You are on a continuum. There is no time, no space. Only Eternity and Infinity. The Truth is that you are suspended in mid-air. There is no need for a physical cushion because you are cushioned with love. Rather, you are love, and therefore you are the cushion, were there such a thing as a cushion.

If you visualize this string of life as a blip on a screen, there are no highs and there are no lows. It would be straight across.

Of course, lines are seen as going across, yet life is not like that either. Life is neither horizontal nor is it vertical. Life is in all directions. Rather, it is none. Directions, dimensions, those are terms. There are no exact terms for what is termless.

There are no lines that can be seen. There is the ether. There is the Everythingness which is Nothingness. Not even the acorn of the oak tree exists. There are no seeds. There is seedliness. And yet.

Eternity is treeless and leafless and seedless, and, all the while, contains Infinity. There is nothing to see, and there is nothing to hold. If there were, you would behold love.

Life on Earth is so that you can behold love. When you are love, you are pure love. You are pure , and pure is simply Being and not holding, nor is it beholding.

Nothingness is not emptiness, although you can look at it that way. Nothingness is Everythingness before it has chosen shape and color. Nothingness or Everythingness is just before vibrancy, although Nothingness contains all the vibrancy ever dreamed of. You are not even a dot on the field of Nothingness. There is not even a field. There is no place to put dots on, and, yet, it is like your finger is poised, yet there are no fingers. There is no finger to point. If you had a finger, there would be nothing to point to anyway.

And yet I say you are the Universe, even as no Universe exists.

I cannot say that you are in a pre-state because the only state is the State of Being, this Pure Beingness that is Pure Love. Remember, there is no before and after. There is no antedate. There are no precursors, and there are no antecedents.

You are Pure Being.

Manifested in a , you are human being with all the possibilities and all your imagined encumbrances. You are not really manifested, you understand. You seem to be. You can pinch yourself. Yet, with or without a body, you are Pure Being. You are the Pure Being from which manifestation arises. You assume a role, and you play it. You play it to the hilt.

In Pure Being, there is no movement. You seemingly exist in Creation, however, where activity is the name of the game.

How amazing life is in the dream. How much more amazing is Pure Being, this Pure Light from which My dream called Creation burst forth.

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