Go Full-Screen and change video settings to 1080p HD or 720p HD!
Audio Track Selected for Convenience, For maximum , mute the video player and play your own music to the sequence. Gently notice the more in tune you are how everything synchronizes. Then just to test think screw up and watch it comply. This is how powerful our perceptions are.

Dimensions are energetic , and their existence is totally dependent upon the continued focus of those who are creating it. Realities, like energy, are not destroyed but changed. As you seek to a reality, do not see it as simply something over there being incorporated into your life but rather something in you that expresses outwardly into you environment.

Therefore, a reality shift is not an imposition by an external environment but rather the expression of an internal awareness. So as you seek changes in your life, remember to see that which you desire externally expressed and internally affirmed. That internal environment creates the frequency of thought that shifts your reality. So, when you hold your focus and make plans for the future, you affirm what you desire. You are shifting your inner reality and that is expressed externally.


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