8 April 2012


: 2012

Dear beloved Souls journeying on the Earth Plane

This Year magical. This Year healing. This Year, will be unforgettable. I am here to speak of a few very helpful points, as well as give Advise for the coming months of final Cleansing of the “Shadow Block”, in form of my personal Experiences and what I’ve learned- I am here to open my Heart to you and offer you a heavenly Hug.

Many Tears in the dark Times, we all have been hurt and attacked. Our very core truths have been attacked and taken apart, then re-designed into Lies. I am here on this very special Day, to stand up for Truth, and to stand up for .

Sometimes, we do go through difficult and challenging Missions and Journeys in Duality. Not all Souls go through the same specific and individual Experiences, of course. Usually, Souls decide on the TYPE of Journey and the Lessons/Training they want to complete, before Birth. In my case, personally speaking, I did go through the heaviest kind of Challenge, and the same Way it hurt my and felt like it’s almost breaking it, in the same Way I gained new Strength, Faith and an even more loyal Connection to my beloved Osiris.

Not all you see, touch, experience and feel in Duality is the way it seems. Many “Dark Moments” are in reality a Blessing in disguise, an opportunity to grow larger than you ever have grown up to this particular Point. I advise you all, to keep this in , when we go through the coming, confusing energetic Changes, the more the energies increase, the more will un-healed Emotions and past Wounds come to the Surface and then dissolve and heal slowly, parallel to Mother Nature.

Mother Nature and all of us, is an eternal Connection that is part of our Being. We are all connected. I seen some People talk about, debate and discuss the old Saying that: WE ARE (ALL) ONE.

It is not part of my Personality to talk using other Individual’s examples and Life Stories, for I am not them, I did not walk in their Shoes directly, but I prefer to use myself as an example rather.

Let us say, according to this statement, that would mean that ALL ARE ONE, meaning, Osiris and me, Horus AND Seth.

Seth is my brother, who killed Osiris back then, out of Jealousy and Obsession with me, IsIs. You could call him here the “Dark Side of Duality”, and me, Osiris and Horus, the “Light/Love Side of Duality”. You would also not go to a rape Victim, and tell her, that she and her Rapist are ONE AND CONNECTED FOREVER. A very difficult example, but a fitting one into today’s Society and the way Women are treated.

When I see Individuals teach in such Way, it breaks my Heart, for it is insulting to any hurting Soul or attacked Soul, healing at the Moment. This statement, that all is ONE, does not LITERALLY mean that me and you are ONE BEING or in our Life Forces, Body and Soul merged.

Important Note here: Remember the Story, from the dark One's Perspective on things. Seth tried to stab Horus in his Eye, to try EAT INTO HIMSELF Horus' Soul Energy/Power. Such Try for Mergings against the free Will and the Nature of how God created things and Soul, are considered the most extreme/ lowest Form of Evil and the lowest,worst Form of Black Methods. To use the word "highest" here, did not seem fitting to me. White is high, Black Methods are low in Vibes.

This statement means SYMBOLICALLY, that we are all THE SAME, created in the SAME WAY, and ABOVE in the Spiritual, being ABLE to CONNECT to ALL THERE IS, use TELEPATHY, which is a connecting of Minds, that we are able to THINK of Heaven and be there, think of Saturn, and be there, think of the earthly Moon, and be there in the blink of an Eye.

Free Will makes it impossible, for ALL TO WALK the same Path!

And it is beautiful, the way God made it, to be yourself, to be unique and individual, to learn, to meet Souls who are DIFFERENT than you, evil Ones, good Ones, learning and growing toward the next Evolution of Life and the Journeys of your Soul.

No matter how we try to explain THE WHOLE PICTURE with little, limited Human words, we will not succeed as long as we reside on this Dimension, where we simply cannot see further. Some Souls will have to stay here, because they simply decided to do so. Others, who go against the Order of God’s Creations, will have to be cleansed away for the highest Well Being of ALL and the healing of the Planet and this very Dimension.

That alone, makes it invalid to state that ALL IS ONE. It is a wrong phrasing, it does have a lot of Meaning, that finally indeed all is connected to GOD, God is ALL and ONE. But none of us, for we are only Parts of this ALL WHO IS ONE. We have duties and responsibilities, as well as weaknesses, strengths, we stand still at Times to reflect on an experience and then find new Perspectives and Insights, grow, get enlightened, keep walking. We are made in heavenly, wonderful Ways!

But me, or you, or anyone out there being a single Individual, IS NOT GOD and never will be. There is no Truth in the Story someone wrote about me having poisoned Ra to get his “secret Name” and therefore, abuse Magic in a way to control Life, the Veil and Death- to resurrect Osiris.

Such Way isn’t even my Personality or Style. It sounds like SETH’s Personality. He is the Type, on the DARK SIDE OF DUALITY, who would manipulate, threaten and FORCE Happenings or personal Power, or at least try to do so. That is why he failed, because there is no such thing as a Human Being equaling God in all of God’s entirety and Greatness. God is endless and cannot be COMPRESSED into a limited, growing, developing Being like we are.

The famous Resurrection we are talking about here today, came as a PRESENT from God, out of his pure, pure, RELIABLE LOVE. The All-Seeing Eye, a specific old Symbol we used, respresents THE ALL SEEING EYE OF GOD- for God sees all we do, think, feel, plan in secret, all Lies in our Hearts, all Truth in our Hearts, all past Lifes, God sees into all Bedrooms and all Funerals, and God knows simply all, including the exact Details of what has been done to me and Osiris. Things we can lie about to other Human beings and hide, God knows. Things we repress and try to run away from emotionally, God feels and knows. There is nothing that EXISTS, which GOD doesn’t KNOW, and when One gets to this solid Belief, One knows too, that there is no SHADOW anymore, for One learned to RELY on God and God’s endless, healing Love and Light.

One ceases to believe in the Lie. One ceases to interfere in another’s free Opinion and Life Choices, out of Respect for the own Mirror Image. One wishes Love, from the deepest of the , to others, for the Love of God is so beautiful, it makes you wish this Happiness to all others and makes your Heart wish to see them smile and happy and having Fun. When touched by God’s Love, when you found God’s eternal Love, you know you arrived well in 2012.

From now on, all Anger, Pain and Injustice will dissolve and heal. All Lies and Deception will crumble. All children will start to believe more intense and solid, in their own Future again and feel safe. Men and Women will increase the Quality of their Relationships, including Sexuality and Fertility, and discover again, how it feels to TRUST.

So much has been said, about the word Resurrection. So many Times it has been used, after Osiris and me lived on the Planet, in . Many, many new, changed Stories, have arisen from our Story, until it became such a Chaos of Words, it takes skill and focus to find the “Tree in the Forest”.

I myself, am simply being myself, opening my Heart, and sharing it with all of you, for YOUR BEST AND HIGHEST WELL BEING. I myself, do not need to go through some Lessons anymore, for I have already done so, still I do have other Lessons adjusted to me, I also have to face and go through, so we are all THE SAME and no one is better, or stronger in reality. Being humble has always been a great Skill, and one should always stay humble throughout all Experiences, it’s what makes a really powerful Magician become INVINCIBLE- for when you are humble even in your strongest Moments, God feels extremely proud of you, it is a sign of SPIRITUAL INTELLIGENCE.

We always need to differentiate for the Purpose of understanding the Lesson/Message without Misunderstandings: The Intelligence coming from the physical , is located in the temporary Body and a manifested, limited Form coming from spiritual Source. The Intelligence coming from your higher Self, Soul, Mind and so forth, is located in the spiritual Realms and is connected to your physical , but way more fine-tuned, eternal and un-limited. There you have stored any Memory of Past Lifes also, and logically not the physical which has been manifested/formed at your previous Birth. The “spiritual ” stores the Memory and Experiences of ALL Life Times. We had our secret and very powerful Methods in Ancient Egypt’s Mystery Schools, and we knew and know, how to re-activate therefore Memories of Past Lifes, as a Form of Healing and to complete and grow as a Magician and Life/Death/Rebirth Master. This is a big part of what we are all about. Our Magic has nothing to do with earthly Power and Abuse, as it is portrayed by the Media today and in fake Stories, created to confuse you and hide the Truth.

Our Magic equals the same Words as Mystery Energy, Mystery Healings, Mystery Change, Mystery and the Unknown. Not many know REAL knowledge about us, and today even less than at any Time in History before, this is why I am here. Our Magic, is basically God’s Magic and Wonder, all of this, all these incredible, miraculous Writings, Stories and Knowledge some of you have found buried in Egypt and more, are an ACCOUNT OF GOD’S ALMIGHTY LOVE, COMPASSION AND POWER. God’s unlimited Ways of helping me, IsIs, when my sweet Husband has been taken away from me, or I thought so and was heartbroken, I am not a Goddess- I am just lucky to be LOVED BY GOD. I did not resurrect Osiris in that sense, as it is said today, but GOD resurrected my Osiris for me. I did not “magically create” a Baby (Horus) in my Womb- but God did, to help me and Osiris heal and become happy again from what has been done to us. I did not poison Ra or spin any evil Tricks for all my Story to unfold- I only called on God and cried from my Heart to the Heavens- and God sent me LOVE and HELP.

IsIs’ Story is more a MIRACLE than Magic.

I have never asked you to worship me, nor put me on a Pedestal. I have never invited all kinds of Souls, to eat off of mine, channel me, nor suck on my Spirit thinking they are fantastic Magicians suddenly "channeling" IsIs- it's funny to me to see such Behavior. Obviously, I have been just like today, a Human Being like you, but with my own Personality and Opinions, always deciding by Free Will to be on God's Side, which made me powerful only by being on God's Side. Anything else, above the physical Existence on Earth, you never knew about me, so please, do not listen to all these People out there as we approach December 2012, wildly talking in my Name telling all kinds of contradicting Stories.

And so, no matter what Versions of the Truth are flying around this Planet, increasing Battles between Lies and Truths the more we approach December 2012- let it go. Just let it go, sit back and relax your Mind. In this relaxation, you will be able to let God into your Heart and Soul easier, for your Free Will must allow the Help and Love. Tell yourself, that you deserve all of Heaven’s Compassion, Healing and Love. Treat yourself good and gentle. Think and speak positive of yourself, and trust, TRUST, that you have the BASIC RIGHT to receive God’s Love directly.

For today, I will give you a very powerful Meditation you can use anytime from now on in 2012:


As explained above, there is Brain and Mind (Spirit). Do not think of the Egyptian Resurrection being a bodily, physical Resurrection having to take place after a physical Death in that sense. Try to look at it more as a Resurrection of your Spirit, your whole Being, your Energies, your very Soul.

Pick a nice Song or any Musical Piece WITHOUT Vocals, to not be distracted by other Words than your own Mind. You then relax and breathe as deep as you can, for 2-3 Minutes, long, deep Breaths, rolling out your Shoulders, and relaxing all of your Body. You can also go from “Muscle to Muscle” in your Mind, and focus on actively relaxing the Muscle by concentrating on it and imagining, how the Muscles loosens up, shakes off all Tension and becomes bigger and longer, like stretched and lose.

Once you feel completely relaxed, you put on Music which “uplifts” you, something that you would put on if you went to work out in the Gym, riding a Bike or Jogging. All you have to do, is discover your individual Affirmations that work best for YOU in YOUR LANGUAGE, and then repeat them in a singing way (no one needs to hear you sing- just sing it all out like you are alone and free to sing wrong Notes etc… it’s only about the Heart Feel!)

Examples are:


Always make sure, to repeat these Mantras 3x, three Times. Meaning, 9 Times, but every 3 Times, you breathe in and out.






You are absolutely free, like a Child playing and having Fun, to create your own, individual Affirmations/Mantras focused on UPLIFTING your Spirit and the Symbolic Meaning of RESURRECTION.

I am here to share my very Heart with all of you, and I send you Love from the deepest Wish of my Being. I can’t wait to see all of you expanding your Hearts and growing larger than Life.


This Text can be shared and distributed with Credit to IsIs-Susan Elsa and Osiris Un-Nefer for the partially channeled Work.