Posted on April 2, 2012


Although the is aware of the healing and release that comes with , it is hard for the to understand. Why should you forgive those who hurt you, who cause you pain, who don’t acknowledge your support, love and sacrifices? But this is an emotional perspective and is not emotional, it is energetic. While the emotions have their own , the process of is beyond emotions, feeling, intellect and logic. It is at the level of vibration, resonance and energetic connection and it is a message from the that you are now ready to disconnect from karma and move into more harmonious living.

The polarity of karma is harmony, taking you from fear-based energies to a higher vibration of love. Karma demands and if you are a in this , you are giving your former a chance to avenge wrongs you have done to them, to find and to choose forgiveness instead. There are no rogue energies in the Universe, there is equivalent force in both directions. The victim you are in one lifetime is retribution for the abuser you have been in others. This is Universal law and it has been the rule of the Earth for eons as part of the third dimension. With ascension occurring now, these energies can end and their disconnection point is through forgiveness.

Forgiveness releases etheric cords created by emotional energies that bind you to your soul group through your shared karma. Without this release, you repeat cycles of judgment and revenge in each lifetime, waiting for someone to choose forgiveness to release you and them. But forgiveness is not an easy choice for the ego to accept, although it is a much easier path than judgment and revenge. The ego wants justice but what it really wants is justification, an answer, a reason, an opportunity to feel better about itself and to know its efforts and energy were not wasted.

The soul wants peace, love and joy, which is why it responds to the ego’s need for justice with a suggestion for forgiveness. Can the ego find purpose within peace? Is it ready to receive love? Is it prepared to allow purposeful action that is not based in drama? Forgiveness is a higher octave of justice that allows healing and release of all emotions and energies. It may not be as satisfying to the ego but it is the fulfillment of your lifetime’s healing purpose to clear karma, individually and in the collective of humanity, to allow ascension into higher dimensions to occur. Karma is an energy of the third dimension and without forgiveness, movement into higher dimensions is not possible. Answer the soul’s call to forgive now, release, heal and ascend into your heaven on earth.

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