Posted on April 23, 2012

The role of the is to facilitate the healing process, to show where the past and present could intersect and create a new for life. The role of the student is to embody the learning in the lessons presented and apply them to their healing path. The gives, the student receives. And this is a reciprocal process, so the is also the student and the student is also the . When you forget this, you only receive half of the learning, healing and blessings that are available to you in every situation.

Connections are made through resonant energetic frequencies. So the teacher and student share the same energetic vibration and each of them brings an aspect of learning that the other needs. If the teacher thinks that they are at a higher vibration than the student, they are removing themselves from the knowledge that will help them on their path. If the student thinks that they are at a lower energetic vibration than the teacher, they are not able to connect with the frequencies that they need to raise their own vibrations.

The best use of the teacher and student paradigm is to ask what you have to share as well as what you have to learn. This is the ‘giving and receiving’ process that is an aspect of all learning. If the teacher is aware of what they give, then they are extending and can become the source of healing and knowledge for the student, without completing their own learning. If the student is only receiving, they are receiving but are not sharing their own gift with the teacher.

The teachers who place themselves in an exalted place are in their ego energy and not acting from spirit. They are also on a path of learning, as much in need of receiving as they are of sharing what they know. has something to learn and all benefit with equal receiving and giving. With every interaction, whether you feel you are the student or the teacher, ask what you have to share and what you can receive. Then you benefit from the full blessings of each connection so you give and receive, teach and learn, heal and are healed by and with you connect with.

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