Message from , Lady
Channeled by:
March 31, 2012

Dear children I have lived through persecution and I have endured the Karma that surrounded me thousands of years ago. It is true my story has been written and studied by ancient and modern wise men. My story was written and re-discovered through the years to serve as witness and that adversity can be overcome with the purest of love of oneself and that of God. That is what was so precious and so very perfect. The beauty of OUR love intertwined with His profound and timeless love is what the embodiment of His living presence truly is. During my time on , I learned the value and the perfect meaning of real healing from the . And through me thousands dear ones were healed through the pureness of my . I learned the unspoiled significance of the four sides of the sacred Ruby Cross. It is through my time waiting to be Christ’s bride I also came to the understanding that all peoples of earth are to feel the blessed arms of Christ and the hominess they feel within their embrace. It is through this perfect love of our Heavenly Father and Dearest that we discover ourselves. Through such perfectness, all walls and shallow fronts come down and acceptance of all people begins. I ask of you dear ones to not judge one another by any imperfections upon your bodily forms, or to ridicule another for bringing forth a notion, concept or belief. God dear ones does NOT judge any of you, his beautiful children are representatives of Him. Before you speak, write, think or feel; make an attempt to change your thought-form to be more God-Like and live and be from your precious hearts. Drop the petty jealousies, and low energy thought-forms that are a result from the Ego. Open your hearts and arms, welcoming all that cross your path as being equal. In God’s eyes YOU are.

Miracles of Love surround you every day dear ones. Some of them are subtle and others can be loud and clear. It is up to you to notice by keen observation of the world around you and from the mastery of your intuition. A break in stormy weather, the sprout of fresh grass after a winter season, the return of migratory birds, the laughter of a child, are examples of miracles. These are sent from our Divinely Father – God. They are sent to you to welcome and rejoice in the splendour of His unconditional love that He continuously bestows upon all of you. Love is a very precious expression of the total working as one. Love is incredibly powerful and when the children of God, all his sons and daughters work together to reach a common goal – Love is ALL powerful. We see so many dear ones across the globe working at bridging the gap that has existed much too long among the people who live upon the surface of Earth. The more sons and daughters of God that work through their own journey of enlightenment and eventually drop their unrealistic walls of illusion the greater the unity will be. Come home dear ones through the ever loving heart that is always giving and receiving unconditionally love and compassion for every person, for every creature and every living thing.

Each day, God brings forth a new day giving more opportunity to work every aspect of your life from your heart. Each day is another step to finding fulfillment and eternal joy. Through the many hardships you have endured and weathered you have gathered much needed knowledge that will be used for future lessons and to be shared with others to show understanding and letting them know you have ‘been there’. You know what it means to have struggled. The sharing of your success is your teaching from your heart. Share always from the heart; be pure of heart in all your intentions dear ones. Learn to REFRAIN from ill-mannered speech and learn to adopt a more loving approach. Yes, it is true; there are many children that need to learn to be more tactful. It takes time to curb the tongue but it is very possible.

Dear ones, I continue to urge each of you to always work with the Pure Love that exists within your heart for yourself and for all others. You need to have self-love in order to distinguish and appreciate that you require and are worthy of forgiveness. Self-Forgiveness CLEANSES all that is negative from your heart so that you are able to feel yourself surrounded by unconditional love that flows from the heavens in a continuous stream that goes between you and God and of Christ. Once you are able to feel this most perfect love you may feel your heart overflowing, and find yourself automatically sharing this great love that you are experiencing with others – spreading the JOY that fills your heart, body and soul in complete peace and happiness. The love you discover for yourself is your groundwork to self-healing which will in turn lead into coming into the wholeness state where all things are accessible and all paths are fully opened to you. It is this groundwork dear ones that other encouraging and constructive qualities can be built from.

Love dear ones is mighty and is the most powerful force known. Light is able to dissolve darkness, but it is LOVE that overcomes it dear ones. When your heart is feeling calm and contentment, your body feels peace. When your heart bequeaths love your body absorbs this love and KNOWS love. When you are able to feel your heart expand and certain warmth blossom with the FULL Light and Love of God, your dear body will also feel the warm embrace of His profound compassion and find yourself being refuelled with strength. Love dear ones is clear and it is pure. Love is completely perfect and speaks of goodness and joy. This is why my beloved Jesus Christ was given to the peoples – to transform all that you think and say to be from the purity of your dear hearts and to be without malice. This is the Divine and Heavenly essence of YOU dear ones. Invoke the violet flame to transmute and transform any negative thought or discord that has be carried from other lifetimes, this present time or from other realities. Use it dear ones with my own silvery-blue flame, I encourage the use of the two to be used together. Feel the warmth from the unification of the two flames wash over you with intense love and light from God that is filled with nothing but the purest of love.

The many lessons from moving through many challenges for both happiness and difficulty are to be embraced and welcomed. When you resist a difficult challenge, the longer you move through it and the harder it will be on your body, mind and spirit. Many of you seeking the return to the Heart of God. The lessons you are undertaking and learning are part of your journey and they are filled with information of yourself that will build your wisdom into greater depths. It is these lessons which you successfully move through that are bringing you to what you are truly seeking – to return to God. And through this heartfelt and most deserving return you commit and accept without question the sacrifices that have made this possible. When the return to God and to the unity of His heart you will feel an unmistaken feeling of COMING HOME like nothing before.

I urge each of you to continue working from your hearts and to FIND ways in all you do that speak and reflect the pure love that is in your hearts. My love for each of you is limitless, my guidance and support is always there for you shall you need it. Do not hesitate to request my aid; I am here for you, for as long as you are in need of me.

Ascended Master, Lady Magda through Julie Miller