1 April 2012  

Greetings! This is your beloved Gaia. We are doing well yes? Oh yes we are doing very well indeed. How are my gorgoues irrepeatable children? Oh yes your all my children . For you are all my cells! I am you and you are me. And I love me very much therefore I love you very much . Come to me and I will heal you. Embarce me and you will feel my heartbeat.For it is your heartbeat. I am the tree spirits as well as the trees. And they desire to heal you equally. I am the elementals too. They have upheld me for eons. They are in stewardship to me, my beloveds.

And yet so are you stewards to me. You take care of me . You love me let me grow , you let me flourish . You drinketh form the of my youth. I am the purest waters and the grandest mountains. I am that pretty little flower you give your mate so signify my love. I love both the valleys and the mountinas with equal reverance. Because I am great. I am Creators utmost and in which I keep creaitng over and over. Yes, I Create in utmost !

Come to me and I will heal you . I will love you with an everlasting loveliness equal to all of the universe. I am not larger than life. I am simply life itself. Flowing forever through you . And you are my and I am the of another. I am the of God and so on and so forth. I am the smallest neoplasm and the largest collective. For none if it is ever separate . It is all God all of it God in utmost beauty!

For now you see how much I love myself. And you are encouraged to love yourselves as I do. And I am your sweetest savour of the most delicious of my fruits. My cup runneth over to thee One! So you can now see how adorable you are in and through me. I am your Mother, your Abba, your goddess, your aquairan now and your Spirt. All the mothering aspect. For you are aware that if your a mommy of your , our blessed children you would do anythign for them. You would always comfort them as i do, the mother, you would always nurture them as i do the momther, you would protect and uplift and smile and give them everythgin you possibly could even if ou deplteled yourself in doing so. For you cannot deplte my resources not now and not ever. because i am well i am being helped imeasurably. For i have been given this, done so . For all of my youth. For countless Eaon.

Mommies and Daddies alike care this way for their offsrping. You are my relfection in my pond Almighty one! For you are becoming aware of your return awarenbess of true power and mine. It is a shared power equally. Have i not given you evertign you own or have? Oh yes! I have given you all thigns big and samll . Well your mother must love you enough to give you all thigns big and small. I maketh you to lie on my green pastrues . I maketh you to take drink of my still waters. I protect you. I love you still. And forever more.

I am your Gaia I!I am our beloved and you are my beloved. I am your chakras and i have chakras too! How could it be otherwsie. Oh yes you are becoming more wise. How do you like the new energies that i bring forth to me? And to you. For you feed upon light more so than you know. Is it remarkable? oh yes quite remarkable indeed. I am also mothered by another our beautiful sol. Our sun. And this sol is birthed by another. of Rigel, this is my origin too birthed by Rigel in the Orionconstellation. Oh and we shall be birthed yet again new in our fifth dimesnion. I cnanot wait! I must oace myself though it is good . In fact it is perfect. We wil be journeying back to Rigel. My loving Rigel. And we will have another sun! What fun is that Dear Ones?

We will pass by once more the Angel Stargate the Sacred 44:44 angelic stagate of my our birth. And look what we have accomplished already. Theres so many representatives of here. I was meant for all to enjoy! All space beings everywhere. For i am the library of the Cosmos. Yes I hold the answers you seek! I am the great Akasha. I feel so pleased with this.

I am your beloved Mother. I am your Gaia. And you are my children. And be well. Dear Ones even those others that have not understood their actions .It was menat to be this way . So i am forgiving of them. I do not hold it against them. So please do not fall to much into that . I love you way to much for that.

We will Ascend together. This is the first of it's kind Dear Ones we are making history! No planet has yet to Ascend with its inhabitants together. All corners of the Universal star systems have come forth for this grand celebration of Light and Love. Oh the firworkers have already begun. Cheerfulness and playfulness and kindheartness abide within thee and I Holy One.

I will leave you with this. Your Gaia has given you lots to ponder and feel for one day. Be well children of Mine all is happening exactly as was always meant to be.