Message from the
Channeled by:
April 11, 2012

Blessings to ALL my lovely sons and daughters. Before we begin our discussion, please embrace and rejoice in the love and unmistakable light that comes straight from my . All love from me and all the divine and spiritual helpers is always unconditional; there is never any need to second guess this fact .

I have come forth on this day to speak on many things. It has not only come to my attention, but I know of ALL that is happening in your world and what is happening across the globe. Today we speak, within your world – YOU. How you move within your world does have an effect on the rest of the world; something like a domino effect. Some situations can cause a bigger ripple than others. What is important to point out my beloved children are your reactions, your thinking, and your actions when something comes along to disrupt the perfect calm you have maintained for so long, or situation becomes out of that has been managed decently up until now.

The many ups and downs you have experienced are not accidents even if there are ‘accidents’. You already know that EVERYTHING has a reason and purpose. I hear the term, “life sucks” an awful lot. It is a negative description that speaks overall about a situation or current experience that is causing deep frustration. , I do know the painstaking sacrifices you have made to you children, family, and co-workers and so on. Some of the decisions you have had to make were not easy. I ask you, each of you to give yourself some credit. YOU deserve to feel your own love. I will speak plainly through your sister, “How in the world can you truly say you love another, when you struggle with loving yourself?” Take a few minutes, spare some that is just for you. Quality with oneself is up to the individual as long as it brings happiness and soothes the spirit, mind and heart. I hear many complain there is not enough in one day for such . I ask you to look again. When you really want to do something you always make . Self-care and self-love is a primary necessity for your spiritual growth and development that will bring satisfaction to your personal endeavours.

So many revert to a panic mode when a difficult situation presents itself. It is important to recognize this as it happens and move through it as quickly as you can and get back to your positive thinking. Every situation you move through is easier when you are working within the right attitude. Getting angry and making use of profanity does nothing beloveds except drain precious energy. Acknowledge the anger for what it is, understand why you are angry and move on from it. Don’t let the anger of a situation get the better of you. Head on the anger with love beloveds; Love will always be your answer if you allow yourself to be absorbed completely by its incredible power. The sooner you are able to master control of your emotions and feelings when a difficult situation rises the easier and quicker you progress until it’s over and you will notice the strain that is usually accompanied is much less.

While working through a difficult and arduous time, your inner feelings are important. Don’t bottle up what is bothering you. It will only fester and poison your rational thought and spirit and can have devastating effects on your overall health. Beloved children, take heed to your thoughts and if they are filled with aggression, sadness, or other low energy feelings; find a constructive and harmless way to work through them. All that you feel is important to be recognized and accepted by you. You are filled with many feelings and emotions and each of you react and feel at different levels of stress, pain and circumstantial problems. Many of my children find it helpful keeping a journal, others run, walk, meditate, have a bath, start a creative project, the list of possibilities is endless. When you work with people either because of your occupation or your family at home, it is always a good idea to put your best intentions forward and always think from the heart with love.

Interactions with the various people you are in contact with can add stress to your day. Take your time. Think before you speak, even if you are speaking with someone who has rubbed you the wrong way. They do not know your shoes and you really don’t know theirs. Sometimes reactions, either through spoken word or from your body language can be interpreted on varying levels and degrees depending on the person’s sensitivity. It is important to be able to find your voice and say what you mean, but it is important to use tact. You are responsible for your actions. Causing another harm from the words you use is not an action that comes from your I AM Presence or Christ-Self. Every person you meet, your neighbour, the at a grocery store, , etc., all are deserving of love, respect and kindness. No one likes being mistreated even if that person has been known to being unkind. Acts of kindness generates more love dear children and more love brings in more light and the loving beat goes on.

I will repeat myself here beloveds and remind you the importance of being kind to yourself and giving love to yourself first. I see how difficult this can be, but it does pay off. When you are filled with pure self-love you radiate this love and attract the kinder side of people. You have the ability to surround yourself with happiness, peace, bliss and harmony from the choices you make and the changes you are willing to take to get there. Moving through the changes can and will bring challenges that sometimes will be unwelcomed and some will be delightfully pleasant. Embrace each challenge and each change that is helping you bring forward the goals you have planned to reach. You are your own future maker; LOVE yourself and the path that is leading you to the contented happiness you are seeking. Go within for your answers and find peace of mind when you do.

My love is equal for each son and daughter. None of you have made mistakes; each of you has had to learn lessons and make important life changing decisions. Look at all the knowledge your lessons have given you and how much wiser you are. I see a few scowl and I hear the lowest of mumbles. You have persevered everything thus far and you will continue to grow and your consciousness will continue to flower and blossom. The learning of yourself and the world around you is never-ending; just as my love for each of you is undying.

I AM the Creator through Julie Miller