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Thank-you, Ryan Schiff
Jacob Pratt for the recordings,
and Jordan Duchnycz of

Sweetie, don’t
Honey, please
Baby, stop
You’re killing me

Who do you think you are?
Coming in here?
You put vinegar in my honey jar
Then you disappear.

If I could leave my body, baby, that is what I’d do.
If I can’t leave my body, baby, tell me, why should you
Be able to?

Giving up
Giving in
Giving you
A reason

To say that you hate me so
When I’m like this
I can’t help but laughing so
When you shake your fist

The man who can admit he’s wrong will promise things so sweet
He’ll tell you he will fight for love and then admit defeat so easily

Used to fly solo, all the time
Now I’ve fallen, fallen in line
Looking for something, not someone
It doesn’t matter, what’s done is done
We are done

Over you
Under her
Above all the

What do you think you are?
Yeah you may burn my toast
But you wont burn me

Do you like her small breasts because they make your hands look big?
If I were to touch her she would snap just like a twig and she’d be done