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Online Messages April 10, 2012

Greetings to each of you. What wild times we are in! What perfect yet intense changes everyone is going through! I apologize for the delay in this transmission. I have been adjusting to a very busy travel schedule and teaching the certification classes, which are going far beyond anything I could have imagined. My students are doing a fabulous job of getting outside of this reality and into the beyond where they are learning the finer aspects of etheric healing as well as their intuitive and multi-dimensional natures. I am in awe.
We have moved through some intense planetary alignments, an eclipse, a mercury retrograde and some spectacular trans dimensional shifts. The are no longer coming in waves like they used to. They are instead coming to and through as fractals that arrange as libraries and records within our . They are also changing in the nature of their spirals. We know that all energy moves in spiral motion. Now, I am seeing double helixes of energy much like what our DNA looks like. These new patterns are nearly tangible. They almost become literally visual and touchable in our 3D reality. These are powerful packages that we can learn to put to use for instant change and manifestation. But at the same time we much be careful with them because they re so powerful, so pure in their flow and arrangements, that whatever we really intend or mean will be so. I am not kidding about this.

These are the times we all knew were coming. Times when we have the power to create from within us instantly and effectively. We are unlimited in potential and effectiveness.
If ever there was a time when we needed to get right with ourselves, it is now. What I mean by that is that we must be completely truthful with ourselves about everything in our life experiences. No more making excuses for why things aren’t working out the way we wanted them to. No more blaming others when we have the innate power to change it all. Creation is not only listening but participating with us as we are within it to bring forward whatever we state must be true. If ever the word Amen applied it is now. So be it. So it is, Oh yeah and right on. Whatever we mean, there it is. In terms of symptoms lately I am seeing a lot of odd headaches, sacral issues, joint pain, digestive issues, foggy headedness and even tendencies to disassociate, or feel s if we aren’t really in our bodies. If this is happening to you, do what you to get grounded. Chocolate is a terrific grounding agent. Cold water on the wrists, lean your back against a big old tree. Walk barefoot in the grass or put your hands in the dirt. Those are just a few good suggestions.
If you are in situations that don’t serve who you are in this now, deal with them. Either do what you need to do to rectify them or cut them loose. These energies don’t have room for untruths and untruths can become far more than everyday nuisances. What do you really want? Where do you really want to be? With whom? Why not?
Celebrate yourself. Remember we didn’t come here for the explicit job of being challenged. The reality is that we are here to live and all we need to do to accomplish that is to do the best we can. There is no judgment panel. We are the ones deciding our way. Where will we go today? Remember it is always and forever our choice. If we don’t like the way things are going it is our inherent right to choose again!
I have been adding to my schedule like crazy lately. I will be in Canada this month at the Body Soul Spirit Expos first in Calgary (20th – 23rd) and then in Regina (27th – 29th) then in Mt. Shasta for the Wesak Conference May 4th – 6th. (Please see my web schedule at the link below for how to save $50 on your tickets for Wesak!) In June I ill be in for the Children of the Light Conference on the 20th – 24th and in July off to England for another smashing Crop Circle and Ghost hunting Adventure with the one and only Dannion Brinkley. In December I am taking the largest group ever to for the most powerful journey ever s we travel to the most spectacular power places in beginning at and gathering with other like-minded groups on top of for 12/21/12. Details on all of these and more can be found on my web site at
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Message from the Masters:

Message from the Masters
April 10, 2012

So you have arrived in 2012, having passed the point of a turning century. These re the times which you have awaited and yet in terms beyond human measurement, these times and those coming, those past, have always been the cycles of what is natural, what is given, as to evolve is the nature of all things.
Your evolution is one not only of heightened consciousness; it is also one of greater awareness and how that awareness applies to the every moment that you exist. You came into your world as perfect beings, manifested aspects of light, from which all things come. You had no preconceptions of the life you would lead or its consequences in the nature of all being and all things. You simply showed up after hearing the call that now is the time for you to experience to your greatest potential and the contribution of that potential to the whole.
It is only in your learned perceptions that anything less than perfect can exist. It is only in that which you deem to be important becomes so. So we ask you in this now, this most amazing of times in all of creation, what is important to you? Why is that, and what does it mean in the overall scheme of things? And is there perfection in it or is there a need to struggle with something different?
We understand the human need for challenge, for it is within your stubbornness to let go of the familiar that you go astray. And that can be painful but pain isn’t necessary nor is the challenge as you see it. The social pressures and those of organized religion have served to dictate a set of behaviors and requirements that you must perform in order to be accepted. We ask you, by whom and to what end?
What we are saying is that limiting your lives to the requirements and perceptions of others and their agendas does not often bring an acceptable or joyous outcome but instead only serves to further stray you from the truth of your being. If you are in truth with yourself based upon what is right within your souls, if you are cognizant and intentional in each moment, unfolding as all things must, if you are in touch with the truth of your being, the desires and longings of your souls and on the paths to serve them, then you have done what you came to do. You have followed the of your innate being because as it directs you, it does so of the very light from which you are created. What magnificent creatures you are, having the free will to simply choose and re-choose in any given moment! You are only as stuck, as you believe you are. No one no thing has the power to dictate your journeys or your outcomes. You decide. You live inside of that body you have inhabited. No one else does.
The stargate systems of which we have been talking for several years are beginning to culminate in their alignments. It is because of this that the universal energies are coming to you in their true natures unadulterated by obstacles or things past. The energies are coming to you of living essence, of creation alive with possibilities that are coming to you filled with the desire to be anything you direct. They will teach you as you create with them, filling each of you with possibilities to consider that are far beyond your previous considerations. What you are capable of is limited only to your imaginings, but then we all know that your imaginations are unlimited, aren’t they?
We find it interesting in your world that certain things keep recreating themselves. Storylines in your movies, stories in your books, products and styles, as if part of the consciousness in your world becomes stuck in the familiar. And yet truly, are these not all stories made up of human nature and imaginings? Create different ends. Let go of the need for stories at all and dictate your own magnificent journeys. The stories are for the familiar. The living is for the adventurers of life itself. It needs no story for direction because the story is unending and unlimited in nature by virtue that it is living moment to moment, looking for its direction based upon the infinite possibilities that will present themselves for consideration.
Your sun has been extremely active off and on of late. It has been bringing electromagnetic storms to your environment that have contributed to the excitement of your energy fields of late. There will be an intensification of these expressions of unbridled power over the next months that may temporarily disrupt certain aspects of your power grids. Polarities may temporarily become confused and if this occurs things electronic or electric may be interrupted, as may your satellites. This will pass and is not an apocalyptic event, mostly inconvenient, but it will reveal to you just how dependent your world has become on external technologies and how little you know yourselves and your true needs. This revelation brings the opportunity to rethink and even set aside how you live externally. In fact, it may even bring you to a temporary point of needing to depend upon nothing and no one but yourselves. At the same time you may desire to reevaluate your personal value systems. What is really necessary to the journey of your soul but that it lives and reveals what it needs in real time, leaving the choosing up to you and your willingness to proceed in any given direction. Why resist based upon the will of others when your very essence knows the way in the darkness and in the light? What you are remembering in your awakening is that you have always been completely in touch with the entirety and that your experiences contribute to the reality of it as the experiences of the entirety contribute to you as well. You are indelibly connected, each drawing from the realities of the other toward a mutuality of outcome.
There are millions of you on your planet who know these things and in some way are awakening to them. There are millions of you who by virtue of this have opened the pathways of self and for future generations to create a very different world for yourselves. What has thrived on drama and trauma and even on untruth is coming to light. Those who have harmed the masses are being brought to justice and those who would create harm will be obstructed as their selfish natures call out to creation to be extinguished in the name of the whole.
When you observe your world from a clean pair of eyes, those of your souls, these truths are undeniable as are all other truths. The issue then becomes in your discernment. What is true for you may not be true for others and that is ok. Maintain what is true for you and it those truths will find you on every level. Those truths are inherent to all things. They are living light, expressed in the form of experience and awareness, growing in their natures as they are lived and expressed, becoming nothing more than they have always been except as experiences of the now.
That which has always been will always be in spite of perceptions. You are light. You are the infinite embodied as life. Express your light. Be in peace.