Interesting channeling…


22 April 2012
Channeler: Mogaly

There are many words upon these channelings, spread throughout the web and world. The problem with the english language, is it is so subject derived. Language should be the other way around. So, because of this, we only have words that have associations to objects, or objective ideas. Like, say, UFOs or plastic. The messages that are channelings, before channeled, are immense, seriously complex ideas, and ideas of ideas. They are feelings and senses and images. When you put them in our language, it just sounds so intense and ridiculous.

Now, from THIS POINT ON, realize, that channelings are not the words you read, but what you FEEL as you read them. THAT is the message, absolutely not the content of the words.

Always completely and totally ignore any reference to a gregorian calendar date, except of course, dec 21st, 2012. That is the only one of official significance to the higher decree.

If we sit here and argue over the WORDS USED in the changelings, we will get nowhere. If it is spelled weird, or weird grammar, oh well. Take away what you FEEL, and ABSOLUTELY ZIPPITY ZILCHO NOTHING MORE.

Things like 'The ' or 'Pleidian High Council' don't actually have names. Names are unimportant, and useless outside of language. When you want to connect to someone, you don't think "connect to tim, please" you just, purely think of that fello, and boom. connection. Names don't exist, it's a very VERY human thing. You could call the 'gangsta super pals' and they would have the exact same contextual understanding of what you are saying, because you are directing attention towards them, whilst saying some vocal sounds.

There is nothing real around you, except for the contexts and and feelings you through about. Anything else is your imagined interpretation of it. EVERYTHING. THAT folks, is the illusion. There is absolutely nothing at all wrong with living this way. This allows us to do things that are absolutely and entirely impossible without doing this. However, it is time to move on from living this way, on Earth's Surface. This is the Totality's desire, and of course, 's desire. If we only raise our society's vibration a little bit more, we will cascade upwards with her, the final block broken, and she wil be able to repair all damage herself in a moments notice. We must, however, actually do that. We are. In a matter of a few more of our personal sleep cycles, we will find ourselves in a completely different reality that snuck up on us so sneakily, you didn't even realize that was the change. This has already VASTLY happened to me. I imagine it is happening to you all, as well.

This is how everybody has their own reality. When they look at you, they see their personal version of you that fits their opinion of your energies. This applies to EVERY SINGLE BIT OF , not just that of souls. When you step out of this illusion, and there are infinite ways of doing so, this becomes so painfully clear, that you begin to transcend many concepts of humanity after seeing things this way. Well, 'this way' IS how we will be in the future. That being said, you will still and always perceive everything in your absolute own and original way. The difference is, you KNOW that it is your way, and you understand that everybody is different. It is absolutely a blast to find someone with a very different view, and reflect energies off each other in the form of conversation (sometimes even sex) to find the similarities, and even more beautifully, the differences between you. This is how EVERYTHING is.

Right now, we're in bodies. Matter. Very dense matter. Now, it is incredibly important that we realize we are keeping these bodies. They will be undergoing vast changes, turning BACK INTO light, to bring it home, and bring home to it. You all already knew this, though.

While I'm writing this, I'll quickly ask the 'gangsta super friends', Galactic Federation, what is going on with the arrests and a report on humanity's total consciousness' disposition.


This is Guntsa of the Galactic federation. It is my honor today to contact you all through a very interesting channeller. I come to you with vastly good news to share! It is my absolute and total pleasure to inform you that the final placements of those doing the arrests is currently taking place. In a matter of a few incredibly short days, all travel in and out of the , and many other locations, will be completely shut down. During this time, the arrests will take place, all at once. Due to the fact that all the prisons are completely and entirely filled to the capacity, the arrested folks will be placed in their beloved FEMA camps. Serves them right. What will happen after that depends on the disposition of Humanity as a whole.

Speaking of which, my channelor has asked about that as well. From our vantage point here in the Pleidies, we see more and more happiness emanating from Gaia's surface, moment by moment. It won't be long now, before the final straw is placed that will shatter everything you have ever known as reality. You are incapable of comprehending just how vast and truly beautiful the "hell hole" you live in already is, even WITH the filth. When you raise only a few octaves in density, you see that even bad things aren't bad. There is no such thing as bad. For periods of time, you experience things in certain ways to learn. That being said, the experience is still incredibly damaging, painful, and exhausting. Just ask Gaia. Seriously, stop right now, and with all your mental strength, smile, and ask "How are you today, Gaia?". Just like Ikao (my, Mogaly's higher self) had said earlier, the only thing true are the energy and contextual interactions. She will instantly, and immediately reply. Whether you pick that up or not, depends on your area of attention in the existential planes. Feel for love in your heart, and expect it. Then, share it.

On this final note, I will also announce that in fact, there WILL be mass landings, in a fairly traditional sense. However, this will not happen whatsoever, until it is safe for us to do so, AND, we have been invited. If we are not invited by the Humanity as a whole, we will not land. Thank you all very much for allowing me to share this information with you, and thank you Ikao for reaching out to us to improve the understanding of your surroundings to your fellow citizens of Earth. We from the Galactic federation thank each and every single one of you, personally, down to who you are in the core, for doing what you are doing. You are fighting the best fight there is, and success has arrived.


Thank you all for your time, and best of all, your comments. The comments always stir up such interesting topics, and contexts that I just wouldn't come to without you guys.

Also, when I have some more money, which I have no love for the thought of, I will be using it to help bring Lightworkers together. A festival or something. I'll worry about the details when it comes to then. In the mean time, I love each and every one of you, for what you are doing, and for who you are. Feel free to connect to me, those who do that. I love meeting everybody.