’s Weekly Message ~ April 24 – May 01, 2012
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April 24, 2012

The life’s experiences that you have faced in this lifetime came with important decisions and choices that directed you irrevocably from one moment to the next. Once a moment has gone and been experienced, you cannot undo what transpired. You know this to be true, and understand the past is to learn from. There are so many that have decided to live passively and sit back and watch what is progressing around them. The many that have taken the more passive route will continue to progress but at a much slower rate. The opposite is taking an active position on your journey. By being active, you agreed to step into the creative circle and contribute the best of your abilities. From each participation and interaction the growth received is exponential. Even when you stumble into areas you are uncertain about, you are enthusiastic and interested in learning what any unknown is that you are drawn to. Even in the active mode that you decide to take on, there will be upheavals and lessons but through the love that is ALIVE within you, you will discover a joy and excitement from this role. It is through this active participation that you discover and begin to recognize the Divine Connection through your conscious state of mind.

All the ones who are busy bringing forth great change, even change that stems from moving through difficult challenges will reap in a grander change that will transform their world into a living radiance of light and love that is delivered and shared from God. Dear ones, here is where I step in to guide and support you. These transformational times can be a little uncomfortable, lean on me dear ones during these great changes that you are experiencing in the world around and in your life. Embrace with your love ALL that you are feeling and know you are rising in great spiritual awareness and strengthening your connectedness with God and with the Lord creating between you an infinite flow of love.

I work very close with Beloved Saint Germain, the Ray of Creation. This is the ray where the transformations and the transmutations begin. This is where you begin to work through the old ways of doing things and old way of being and adopt a NEWER and more efficient way of being that speaks love in every action through every point of your day. Until you can truly move into a new beginning you must be done with the old. There are many doors waiting for you to peek into and try. Come forward dear ones, show your bravery and courage; step through and discover new knowledge to be gained, brilliant light, warmest love, compassion, and so much more and it all begins with you dear ones making the initial step from one used up door and moving into a new door with and and Charity joining you along your journey.

Every single one of you has been assisting in the transformation process when you began to consciously focus your mind and choose to concentrate on those things that bring you to a higher state of awareness of your purpose. What are those things that fulfill you? It is what inspires you with deep emotional passion, it is what brings you incredible excitement and lightens your heart with love and joy and it’s also an inner sense of self-satisfaction. Now dear ones, what is experienced for one does not mean it will be an exact experience for another. What fulfills you and the next dear person is as unique as each of you are. Always move through your journey through your heart, let your heart guide you. When you are feeling flustered and overwhelmed, sit back for a moment and ask quietly through your heart. You must then pay very close attention and not second guess with the Ego when your answer comes, and dear ones your answer will come. When you are following your heart in the purest of intent and purpose, you dear ones will be setting in motion the power of your SOUL, powers and forces that will draw you to specific circumstances that will pull you to take notice to RECOGNIZE your own personal and individual purpose, thus discovering the emotional satisfaction that you were anticipating and waiting for.

Oh yes, you have a role here. You must put forth your effort and not just a wallflower waiting to see what will happen next. The ones who have tirelessly and selflessly been working on creating and bringing together information, aiding support, working with Masters and others to help others to grow and become enriched might come your way when they ‘think’ they need your opinion or thought on a particular matter. They know already they do not require your opinion because at the same time they are already in the middle of what they are creating for the whole of mankind in the greatest of good. They ask you because they value you. When one of these dear souls who never stops working for their spiritual progression that also aids in raising the vibrations for all of you does not stop to ask what do you think is because they are too busy generating their own situations that will lead them to the answers that would have brought them to you. Instead they found the joy of seeking the answers to what they wish to know from themselves, from going within, from searching articles and text books, from meditating and from being in-tune with all that is around them. There is never a good or bad time for when you begin contributing. You must step away from the fear of going outside the comfortable perimeter you have created for yourself and allow yourself to be transformed from that fear and finally feel the light that so many speak of and bask in His glory and gratitude to the courage you have demonstrated. Once you make the first step, which will be your first step to bring change into your world and begin evolving yourself in the process.

It can be frightening to stop hiding behind false and assumed identities and realities. The only embarrassment will come from what you think. Shake off the negative thought forms and ideas and take notice that any real judging of yourself starts with how you see yourself. Stop the negative talk and thinking and embrace the gentleness of love. Love is the deliverance of immediate joy, happiness, improved health, and peace. Through Love you are able to step into your true self with unconditional love and compassion that is humbling and beautiful by nature. I have every bit of faith in you that you will learn to express yourself effectively without worrying what someone else may think. Commit to always finding ways to improve yourself and create ways to bring joy and happiness into your life. There will come a point dear one when your spiritual journey as well as your personal life will require a more mature mindset. The spiritually mature person is able to forgive all offenses said and done to them. One who is spiritually mature will not find offence by another’s perceptions or poor choice of words. Because one who is spiritually mature is able to focus their attention on the experience as a complete learning opportunity and feels gratitude towards it and is rewarded with a joy that fills them deeply from within and has Love for everyone regardless of where they are and how they understand a particular concept.

I know and understand the journey can be confusing, complicated and tiresome. Ground yourself with when you need to steady yourself and refocus. Breathe in her , reach for my guidance and learn to go inside yourself for the knowledge and inner power that is there. Trust what you find dear ones. Your confidence will rise; surround yourself with supportive helpers, friends and those who you trust and feel peace with. I will help you find articulate ways of expressing yourself that is not hurtful, yet strong and wise. We will collaborate and create a good working team until you no longer are in need of my guidance. It is not a day for sadness when you find yourself not in need of a specific master’s guidance or teachings. It is a day to rejoice and celebrate because it only means you have moved into another learning phase. And when you have moments when you need a gentle reminder of what you learned through my guidance, come into my and speak to me, invoke my presence and I will always welcome you dear ones. Sweet love is what I have for each of you, a love as gentle as the softest of breezes. As I kiss our beloved vessel on her forehead, I also kiss you also on yours.

And so it is, Ascended Master, El Morya through Julie Miller