27 April 2012

First, I would like to reiterate that these are greatly condensed. I don’t edit anything, I just don’t show the conversation. There’s never just one email and that’s that. I talk to everybody, make sure I know what’s going on first. This is just the main content.

Justine ——–, April 25th


Can you tell me who/which group/deity/archetype/ I am guided/associated by? If so can you ask them how else I can be of service to the ascension/humanity/all sentient beings? How else might I improve/what do I need to work on? I have requested to consciously know my True Self/purpose and I want to do everything I can–to be aware as often as I can of my own Divinity and that of others.

Thank you so much for reading this. I am grateful for your presence here at this moment.

Love and Light,


– – – – –

I'm connecting to you directly for this one, as your higher self knows you, because that is you. That's you physically before the 3rd dimension. First off, we know each other. I won't tell you your name, as that's for you to experience remembering. You are of the Arcturus system for the most part. You have spent dozens of recent incarnations upon the surface of earth, preparing for this lifetime. You seem to enjoy healing the most, as you inform me, so I suggest foraying into that. Do what you feel you are best at. Teaching is the best way to learn, remember. As for remembering yourself, go inside yourself. Sounds simple enough, because, it is. Just shut your eyes, and visualize moving inside yourself further and further. You will find it just keeps coming and coming, and you feel less and less of your . Your rate may rise, but go with it. If it becomes unbearable, ask for a chakra clearing, and help from your guides. Your guides are your friends and peers. Think of your deepest fantasies of lovers you never had. Whabam, those are probably memories of past lives. As you meditate, if you spiral off into conversation with another imaginary voice in your head, like everybody does, that is probably your higher self, or another spirit entirely. This is one way they communicate. Sneaky bastards, they are. As for what you need to improve upon, you already know. Ask yourself, and let a response just come to you. It will, and it will probably be profound.

Kahlil ———–, April 25th 2012

If it is not much problem I would love some info about the Sirians opinion on visions of a fiery-blue body during meditation

much love,


– – – – –

Before I talk to the Sirians, I will say, that this happened to me. However, I didn't see myself. I saw another spirit, a guide of mine. You are now seeing into the 5th density, faintly. That is precisely what is going on. Always remember that spirits look like light burnt into the back of your eyes, like looking at a light and shutting your eyes. Now, it's different, but it's LIKE that. Ask to meet your friends and family, and they will be with you. Where they will be has no location, so it's just a connection. BUT you can see and communicate with them, while connected. Ask for Itchien of the . He is a being, redish orangy type colours, very very wise. He will coax you into non locality.

We are the Sirians, as you have requested. We would like to inform you that indeed, Ikao is on the right as to what you will, and have experienced. Everybody experiences things differently, so this is just his view of it, but he is definitely on the right . The only person who can truly figure out what is going on around you, is you. We are with you now, and we are so happy to see you progressing so rapidly. It won't be long now before you are with us once again, your star family. You have been all over this wondrous universe, but it is time for you to reconnect with your family, and maybe even come home. We look forward to direct contact, as it is not far off. Good luck, and light be with you, as it always is, and always will be!

– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –

Huda – – – – -, April 25th 2012

Hi Mogaly, I must say I ma deeply touched by your loving , your energy and spirit is awesome.
I am taking you on your offer of channeling a message, I would like to connect with my Guruji swami sathya Sai Baba, on account of a personal issue which is consuming me since a while, he should know what it is all about. the second thing is I would like to have some clarity about my role in this divine Drama and who I am exactly :)).
I shall hope I am not sounding to mysterious to you, it will take too much explanations, and it is not out of curiosity I am asking, those are things which are really occupying my mind, and I would like to put them behind me, and start doing what is good for all.
Blessings in Abundance to you blessed heart
peace, love and light

– – – – –

Thank you so very much for your kind words. I have connected to Guruji. Many smiles from this entity I have also connected to you, so you are currently connected as well. The reason you feel you have lineage in Sirius, is because you are of Sirius. Yes, it was very wise of you to know that it had no baring on your life here. So many would get caught up in that fact, and try to go home or something. But, the reason it is coming back to you now, is because it is time to bring it to your identity. It is time to remember who you are as a Sirian. It is time to bring out your truest self to the world, and become your fullest self. Think long and hard of those memories, as now it has a complete baring on your life. Times are changing. Yogonanda isn't just a persona, it is you. Huda is a persona. It is time to be Yogonanda.

I hope this helps. If you want more clarification, I would love to do that for you.

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I have done several more, but many of them are personal, or repeating myself. These ones are just some examples of what I’m doing.

If you are interested in asking me absolutely anything you could possibly put into words, you go right ahead.

monte@plaidrain is my email. I will talk about literally anything.

I would again like to reiterate, that a lot more goes on than just these words. I make sure to converse with everybody as much as I can. Thank you all for bringing me this experience, it has already been purely amazing.