The commencement of the Divine plan and of each and every event that is set to unfold in your Life Paths at this point, has been and is being carefully monitored by many celestial souls who are assisting your world. We have been with you for so very long, and our presence around you is to be made so very clear to you in a very short matter of your fading concept of time.

We have truly been with you longer than you have even began to realize, and we have been a part of various civilizations of your history before those of Atlantis and Lemuria, and we were also quite prevalent on your world before Her descent into the lower vibrations upon the fall of Atlantis and even before such times.

The true depth of the history of your world is to be made known to you, and suffice to say your is not nearly as young as many have predicted Her to be. Your has experienced the lowest and most gruesome of vibrations manifested on Her surface, but beneath the death and the violence and the lower manifestations, She also carries memories and energies deep within Her of the expressions, of the formation and structuring.
These energies that we speak of which are held deep within Gaia's core and expressed beautifully throughout Her Inner Realms, are the very energies that have laid the foundation for the collective awakening of humanity that is occurring at this very moment and that is to be accelerated exponentially in a very short amount of your time.

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