26 April 2012

I am wanting to do a tonight to ask various questions and also to see why I am feeling the way I am.

I ask that my highest most appropriate Divine Guidance, assigned by the Pure Divine , please come forward and assist me in this channelling.


Hello Kelly, we are here with you this evening, as requested, as always.

Can I ask who we have in attendance please?

Your self/ and others who will assist when called upon.

OK… is there anything in particular that you would like to start off by saying?

We feel your disbelief in Archangel being present. What we ask of you is why? Why is it so unbelievable that would not wish to communicate with you in this manner? Has he not reached out to you before? Even before you recognised who in fact he was?
This is the very reason why he did not announce himself in such a way to you many years ago because it was known it would be met with such disbelief as you are still to some degree showing today.

You have moved beyond this. You know ALL in Gods kingdom, in all that is, is worthy of the attention and communications of all ascended and spiritual Beings, including the creator himself.

You were shown a depiction of your God within as you lay to sleep a few nights ago. This of course was only a depiction of the grand powerful creator energy within you, within all. You received information on this God within, delivered in a way that would be manageable for you in your current state of being.

As you evolve your God within will grow in strength, power and purity. You KNOW this to be true. You have felt this God within almost burning in your high heart… we say burning but maybe igniting would be a better use of word. It has ignited and is gaining in its strength and power. The way you are feeling at the moment is largely to do with this. As your divinity is strengthened as a flame would be with a fan, it begins to burn up any residual polarity that is left within you. This could be a slow process but with the energies that are available to you in this current period upon your earth plane, the 'time' factor is significantly reduced.

This is a powerful time of transformation and transmutation and what you are feeling is a direct result of that.

We have heard you asking if you have any imbalances in your sacral chakra. The honest answer to this question is not as such. All of your chakras have been limited in their ability to perform whilst they have been operating in this dimension/vibration. What is happening to your chakras now is that they are beginning to operate in the way in which they were intended to in their original design. All you have done to lift your vibration, clear your field and prepare yourself for this momentous journey has not been in vain.

It is due to these very actions that you are going through the process you are now going through. If the light workers incarnated upon earth at this 'time' had not worked on themselves in the manner in which they have done, this process would have a very different outcome indeed.

It is not any Beings job to give you outcomes. The outcome of this entire process lies entirely in your hands (Humanity). What are you prepared to create for your planetary body and all who inhabit her? Do NOT give your power away but DO fully embrace your multidimensional nature, the of who YOU are.

You are all multidimensional Beings. You ALL have multiple aspects of self to make up the Whole Being that you are. Love each one of those aspects in their entirety, flood all of who you are with pure unconditional love. There are many incarnated who still have aspects of self that wish to raise their vibration and to those people the message is this, LOVE them free. Shine your light and allow them to use that light to gain higher wisdoms and higher knowledge.

As you lift your own vibration it effects all other aspects of self. If you are consciously working on the entirety of who you really are, your entire Being, then this will include all aspects. As they lift their vibration you will too, because you are ONE. The pain or suffering that is held within your will be transmuted and healed and you will merge and connect more fully to the wisdom of those aspects, whilst leaving behind the density and pain/suffering.

OK, thank you. Is this channelling to be shared on light worker sites?

That decision always lies with you. The message contained within this channelling is valuable to others but post it only if YOU feel that you should. This is your pathway and it is you who will have to stand strong with what you have shared.

All beings involved in this ascension process have an invested interest. That does not mean the same thing as having ulterior motives. They too wish for this plan to succeed because the positive effect it will have on the entire universe will be immense.

When I was driving in the car the other day it was flitting through my mind how people are so filled with distrust, although it is perfectly understandable why. I also sometimes fall into that category at times. But the thought that kept coming into my mind was that basically although we are inhabiting Earth now, this was not always the case. Yes the human race ARE here now, facilitating this process but all of us incarnated have myriad other selves who are involved in all of this too. Other selves whose civilisations assisted in the build up of lower frequencies in the body of Gaia, whilst they too went through their learning and evolution in the lower vibrating frequencies. Why do people find it so difficult to believe that actually they want what is best for their mother too? Do you have anything to share in this matter?

All are at different levels of their own understandings and their own evolution. As the frequencies of people begin to raise they will begin to understand higher vibrating truths. Each and every persons experience is valid and true, they are creating it for their own learning in a way that is best for themselves. People come into an incarnation on Earth with different aims and different lessons to learn. Wishing to learn TRUTH from different angles and different perspectives. Some may come from a scientific angle and others from a particular religion but it is all leading to the same outcome and this is TRUTH. Each and every pathway to TRUTH is valid and sacred to the individual.

Is there anything else you would like to add?

Don't lose faith and keep hope alive within your heart. You are doing all that you came here to do and you will continue to grow in exactly the way you are meant. There is nobody incarnated that can tell you you are wrong to believe in what you believe in just as you will not discredit the beliefs of another. Walk together in harmony and appreciate that you are making the same journey just from different starting points. When you reach your destination you will see this only too clearly. You are many artists creating the ultimate artwork.

Remember your Divinity. Remember the Pure Divine Creator within. Remember your multidimensional SELF.

Thank you very much, I get the impression that Michael has finished what he wanted to say?

This is correct, there are others available should you wish to continue.

I ask that my Highest Most Appropriate Divine Guidance please step forward.

I am here.

Who is speaking?

It is Ashika. Your Plieadian aspect who is a member of the .

Hey 🙂 Is there anything that you would like to communicate with me this evening?

We are very close in vibration at this point in your growth, this does not mean that you will not evolve above the vibration that I am currently holding. You know this to be true but I feel sometimes you need a gentle reminder. We do communicate often, as we are so very close in vibration… so a lot of what I might say may feel like a repetition of your own thoughts, because in effect that's exactly what they are because we are one.

OK… I feel like it is time to end this session now, as the important stuff has all been said. I thank you and the others who have been assisting behind the scenes and I look forward to meeting up with you guys again.

It is always a pleasure to communicate in this manner.

Much love and gratitude guys xxx