27 April 2012


Hello Lightworkers! This is the Pleidian High . We report to you today with more wonderful regarding the proceedings in ’s . We would like to inform you that we are getting closer and closer to a position where mass landings would be welcome. This needs much more clarification. Right now, the majority decision of humanity as a whole, is that aliens don’t even exist. However, this is a very very small majority. This is a recent change. Once the majority of human consciousness is inviting towards being a galactic , it will be so. There are many events that simply must occur upon before the end of this year, this age. For those events to occur, you must all succeed in what you were born here to do. That is, to remember.

Once a surprisingly small percentage of you have full rememberings, a cascade of remembering will occur. Not a single portion of humanity will be free of remembering, as that is not how things work. The amount of light flooding Earth right now is so monuments, not even the smallest shadow of darkness could possibly remain. Even your heavily censored space organization NASA is talking about it. They speak of a massive belt of superenergetic photons that the solar system will pass through, around Dec 21st. There are many beautiful, wonderful things happening on this Earth, as you read this. You will not hear of this, until it all comes out in the open at once. Many details simply MUST be kept hidden, to preserve the sanctity of the mission. Also, news distribution revolves around negativity, so you don’t hear of ANY positive things, as it is.

When will it occur, you ask? When you decide it to. We’re talking ‘you’ as in Humanity at this point. The removal of the physical embodiment of the ‘dark ones’ will occur whenever those taking care of the problem do so. It is purely as simple as that. The people in charge are doing everything in the most compassionate and lawful way possible, to avoid any hiccups. This takes time. The best thing you could possibly do is go within yourself. We mean this literally. Go directly inside yourself, as that is the direction that we are waiting for you in. Literally.

On a final note, we would like to announce that Humanity is at it’s highest vibration ever recorded, throughout all history. This means the vibrations are higher than the times of Atlantis and Lumeria, and all of the various Golden Ages. It cannot be much longer before negativity is purely impossible upon the surface of Gaia. With love for each and every one of you, this has been the Pleidian High Council.