18 April 2012

My beloved James, we understand and feel your emotional pain at this time. Rest assured, all is in readiness for all that we have been saying to you and all the lightworkers. We are ready and we know you are ready to complete all that you came here to do. Understand dear ones that as you contemplate what you need to be doing, much is already being done. But your time is at hand and the reigns will soon be turned over to you, our beloved family of light. You only need to understand that this great plan has been in the works for a long time now, and nothing can stand in its way or our way. Many times we have needed to alter parts of the plan to account for the human condition, but never was the overall plan in any jeopardy for not being completed.

The days now are short and the time is nearly here for your pronounced participation and long awaited reunions with all your family. When you have full of all that has gone into this plan, you will know the huge part that you have played in this unfolding scenario. For indeed, it has been unfolding and you have been on the periphery looking in but because of the veil of pulled over your eyes, you were unable to see the reality that you were indeed creating. But what a masterpiece you have created. For in your continued struggles after , the tapestry you have woven is unmatched in the universe. We all look to you, our brethren, and marvel at your accomplishments and your continued dedication to the plan even though you in many cased did not even know a plan existed. For how could you know, when the curtain to your grand performance had already been lowered and you were safely tucked behind it without nary a clue for the next part to play which would bring the overall play into proper perspective. You each one have so much to look forward to in the coming changing of the and respective that you are completely responsible for your own life and in reality always have been. If not for many brave souls that have paved the way before you and even you yourselves, at one time or another were one of those souls, the future of this world would not be quite so golden and assured. But you have persevered through all obstacles and stand now to forever alter the course and destiny of this great world you are a part of. Even if you should choose to return to your home worlds as that will surely be one of your many choices, you will know and be celebrated that even in the darkest of times, your light shone through and beaconed many to follow you.

The time is at hand dear ones to prepare for the final mile in your long marathon. The line is in sight, and you only need to kick in that next gear to see you reach the line. And once you have crossed that line, there will never be any going back. The race will have been won, not by one which is standard in your 3 dimensional world of illusion, but by all. For all have the opportunity to the race, but just as in a marathon, some will fast, while others stagger to the line totally spent and still others slow to a walk or even crawl, but still . This is the way the plan will continue to play out, with eventually all completing that which they began. It is as the Marine saying “No one will be left behind” and surely that applies here. The Earth is evolving into its next version of itself, just as you are evolving into the next version of yourself and in time, you may find yourselves knowing that your destiny is once again calling to you, perhaps to run another race, but that time is not now. Now is the time to prepare to reach out to your neighbor, grasp the hand of one who may be lagging behind and together the race. Waiting to greet you on the other side of the line/veil will be all your family whom you may have forgotten but rest assured, they and we have not forgotten you. the race dear ones as all are counting on you.

I am Sananda. My peace and love be with all of you as you near the finish line.

Channeled by James McConnell

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