from Cosmic Master
Channeled by
April 26, 2012

It feels like centuries since I have spoken through our vessel when I know it has only been weeks. Time is irrelevant dear ones for us of the Divine. It is wonderful to come forth and deliver the message I have planned with great care for you .

How wonderful it is so many dear souls ready and very willing to bring forward every effort from their inner being of their own consciousness and beliefs in order to reach deep spiritual freedom and fulfillment. There are so many awakening into the everlasting state of love from the guiding light of God’s warm embracing love. No matter where you are on this eye-opening journey; a seasoned follower and practitioner of the ways of the Light, or one who has begun a few days, weeks, months or years ago; there is still so much more for you to comprehend. Just when you think you have done everything and when you think you have mastered every little detail, something will come to undermine that attribute you felt was rock solid. If you were to lead a life where every day was a straight plateau of no activity, where there were no hills and valleys of woe where lessons can be learned and knowledge gained; life would begin to become a little dull. The effort you are to put out just for yourself and for your on your own spiritual achievement is tremendous. This is no whim of a journey. Explaining to yourself the fundamental principle of the and how each plume is to be worked into your own consciousness and building of your foundation is vital for your maneuvering through the many paths you will take in one lifetime.

We bring information through many books and articles and have made it easy for you to find these and incorporate them into your daily spiritual practice for positive growth potential. The unified flame, illustrating Love, Power and Wisdom is your Divine Spark is the basis of your inner-Christ. This sacred flame has been placed within the chambers of your heart. It is the essence of your soul, the essence of God that unifies infinitely the flow of Love between you and God and our Lord .

I bring the Threefold Flame into our conversation today to remind you of the freedom you receive from the devotion you give to yourself when you project your love and compassion through every action of every day. With so much activity that is duly noted throughout the world, it is important to ensure your foundations are strong and in perfect balance with your being in mind, body and spirit. I encourage each of you to reach for cosmic assistance when you reach a tough spot on your journey and you require further understanding and guidance. I will help each dear soul to produce a fixed, yet stable activity that will be spiritually fulfilling that overflows with your incredible I AM Presence that you discovered during the foundation building and restructuring you have done with the Threefold Flame. And if you have not yet started to work with the Threefold Flame; now is a good time to get started dear ones.

For those who are already working within their I AM Presence and who are in full understanding of its use will face situations that would normally cause panic with more confidence and finesse. You will still move through each difficult situation being merciful to everyone involved and you will remember to love yourself through each step of your journey. Making use of your I AM Presence means you have accepted your imperfect self as being perfect. This means you love yourself for all that you are. You are not only comprised of good qualities, you have attributes that you know are not your strongest qualities, yet they are part of the equalling balance that is YOU. Working within your I AM Presence brings forth limitless opportunities and experiences that will aid your growth.

By choosing to not work with your I AM Presence you must not pass blame to anyone else but yourself if you find yourself feeling limitless and not moving in the forward direction as you desire. You are the authority on how your path will move and which turns to take. What you decide and choose, be it the wisest choice you can make because what you decide today cannot be redone. And this dear ones is where the lessons come in, the building and growing of knowledge and the expansion of your wisdom. In time, when you are ready, you will find yourself at a place where you are ready to take the dedicated and committed step to work with developing your I AM Presence. There is never a rush, only a reminder you are responsible for your choices.

Our discussion today is to encourage more dear souls to begin working with the Threefold Flame and ignite that spark into a luminescent pillar of light. Once you begin working with the sacred flame with careful observation you will find a noticeable change not only with your spiritual understanding and progression but in your personal life. Bring in the calm and peace of mind that can be so elusive and see it remain longer the more adept you become in maintaining your foundation with tiny adjustments here and there. This trinity of sacred fire is the beginning of perfect fulfillment dear ones. Embrace it and rejoice in each plume and celebrate yourself at every interval your journey takes you.

Know dear souls, the love that fills my heart and flows to each of you is always unconditional. Never stop your journey, slow down if you must but keep going. You will find rewards left by God at different intervals to encourage your movement and activity. May it be your hand held, a flutter of dancing butterflies, or cloudless day; the reward potential is as infinite as God Himself. Thank you dear ones for your time today; may your actions always be as God as God is always with you, inside your dear hearts.

I AM Cosmic Master Sanat Kumara through Julie Miller