Channeler: hilarion

Sathya Sai Baba , An Open Letter To My Devotees April 2012
April 15,2012


I am as I always have been.

Nothing has changed.

You are still with me.

I am still with you.

I am where I am , how I am, at this time period, as planned,
in order to lead the of my devotees into the “new earth”
and to assist them in their acclamation,
and their adjustment into the new systems of and the frequencies involved.
I am ever as I was and have not lost a step.

Yes, that is my only communication.
That we are working together
and look forward to your continued sadhana through and especially after the shift,
As the work of unfolding yourself will continue in new and exciting ways in the new energies,
and you will continue to unfold you the divine flower out of source,
and this is the most important thing to me.

As I have told you in the past, my mission when I am reborn
will be to take the love that you have received and bathed in
and help you identify in such a way as your living cells will vibrate
with light in the experience that you are this love, this light which I bring,
that you are that which I have brought to restore you to your fullness
and to help you once again to resonate, to express in that knowledge,
that confidence, and that joy,
and to stand unconquered by all lesser identifications.
I have trained you for this.
You are not against the world, but,
You are for the truth.
Much of what the world vibrates in tells you that you are less than pure divine being,
Believing this is all that can destroy you, your march toward victory, and victory itself.
This retrograde belief and attachment to it, that is ripe in the air,
And always offers to help you believe and therefore experience that you are not all that,
that you could not be . Avidya.
Furthermore, you would then join the ranks of the living dead.
Is this what you wanted?
Is this what you asked God for?

I discuss this with you and tell you , and you know, this is not what I trained you for.
Not this kind of vulnerability.
I want you to be open, relaxed, and confident,
but to be able to hold to the higher understandings you have learned from me about who and what you are,
Do not receive the divided nature of the world that sees through a lens of duality
And is therefore unable to see wholeness.
You know what are good foods and you know what are bad for you.

Also, even though energies are rising and changing,
the intensity of forces and how they are working around earth,
moving toward zero point, are such that it may seem to take more energy to maintain practice.
This is not your deficiencies, but rather the energies at this time.
For this, just push forward in your practices with good joy,
And don’t practice self condemnation.
Many energies are changing and so will you and your meditation
As you continue to adjust to the changes, which will continue for some time.

I am fine, of course.
I am highly focused on the current changes and also our future
which we will all be there to embrace with open arms.
There is nothing to fear.
I am still in connection with you,
But I must upgrade your frequencies ,
As we move toward zero point, the planetary shift,
this year
I love you.
I am with you.
In even a more expanded way ,
due to where I am centering my self, my consciousness.,
and because of the core changes that are now happening to earth,
and the changes that are necessary to make in your inner light system.
It must transform a bit its spiritual substance.

And be of good cheer.
Your energy will be adjusting quite a bit, so be kind to yourself,
As no one is immune to the planetary changes.
Look on the positive side as I have taught you,
As you know this will create less mental interference as you continue to realize yourself
In energetically challenging times.
I want you to appreciate that, and be kind, and calmly continue your sadhana,
Without attachment to how it used to be,
For as I shared, your inner experiences will continue to feel different and keep changing
for some time.


Sathya Sai Baba
Through hilarion
April 15, 2012