Ashtar Teleconference 3-20-12

"Well, Greetings, Everybody! It is I, Sekhmet. Now, I understand that when The Voice didn’t have as much voice, she kind of liked that projection that I was doing through it, so I’m going to share with you a brief announcement – I’m not by myself. We’ve got a blend going on here, The Mentors are here and we’re going to fly, and I’m going to talk a little bit, and we’re going to do an Exercise and the voice will be modified to reflect all of us, so if you happen to think that you are hearing more than one, you are absolutely correctamundo. For now, I just want to say thank you, thank you for being with us, thank you for doing Exercises with us.


"Do you have any idea how much cleansing we accomplished the last time we got together?* That crystal tunnel was real special, and it was my honor to take you to it! I’ll tell you something else, we changed a lot of timelines with that Exercise and even The Mentors, and I, as one of the Mentors, had to wait until we were complete with that Exercise to see how much we accomplished – wow!


"We are off the charts as they say – thank you so much! You are so wondrous, you are so wonderful and your sharings are making such a difference in the world. I want to tell you something else, , you heard from our Truth tellers, our top notch news reporters,** that I’ve been real busy. If we were not together as Family, , it would be that much more difficult, but you see, I take your Love right into my Heart, just as I – and we – give ours to you. And it is that love which empowers me and enables me to do all that I do. There’s a little bit of it that’s heavy, but most of it is just Joy!


"You know, I’m having a real blast being somewhat of, what you call, a comedienne, in this particular time of , because even though we are engaged in a most serious mission we don’t want anyone to get down in the dumpies with serious burdens, so I really enjoy lightening things up, and I’m available. Anytime you want me for a gig you just let me know. But I do do some heavy things, you know, what you might call some uncreating kinds of activities.


"Even though I am powerful, and even though I am courageous, you know, a lion and all that, it is heavy, and it is not something to enter into unless absolutely every other possibility has been tried, every opportunity has been given, and most of all, that the atmosphere is so full of Love that it is only those who are absolutely the most programmed, the most in resistance who simply say, 'I’m never, ever going to be a being of light.' In times like that, Beloved Ones, I allow myself to feel the great Love that you are beaming forth and I thank you that you are indeed One with me, as I am with you, as We All Are. So let us, having said that, let us move on.


"Equinox. What a concept! What a Joy – balance, harmony, everything coming into balance. This is a most auspicious time and the Truth of it is it’s not just the date on the calendar. It’s the concept to put into your Hearts. We’ll be doing an Exercise to do just that, to put Equinox permanently, passionately into your Hearts and indeed into the totality of your fields so that it becomes a living part of you, not just on a particular day on the calendar, but as another gift that you give each unto yourselves, and then we share with all as a part of this grand Preparation!


"Now, according to the calendar there will be another Equinox in approximately six months from now. I have become somewhat familiar with your concepts of dates and time so that I can explain; that will be an opportunity to reinforce what we do here. But for now, this is something different, this is not just a date which comes and goes. There are many who have, or will be celebrating, Equinox in some manner. It is the balancing, in time lingo, of day and night. How delightful.


"And we would remind you that even though the sun is currently the focus of Light – when you think of Light, what do you think of first? You think of the sun, and we honor the sun and we have great energies coming from the sun and from the Great Central Sun right on through this sun in this solar system. They're of the sun, you know, and oh boy, we’re going to soak a lot of that up! But remember also the stars, Beloved Ones, they too are bright Lights, and the moons, they are sources of Light even if it’s reflected Light.


"Oh, and there is one other thing – you heard Ashtar mention the magic mirror? What’s the source of Light when you look into that mirror, Beloved Ones? It’s you. How about that! So Equinox is equaling the light, yes, it’s sunlight, starlight, whatever, but what we really want to talk about is coming into balance within yourselves. There are such things as seasons in your Earth, generally thought of as being ruled by the weather, but there’s more to it than that. There are the directions of north, south, east and west. They can be coordinated with the seasons. Do you not think of winter when you think of north? Do you not think of summer when you think of south? And so on.


"But all of that is changing, so just think in terms of balance and harmony. Think in terms of balance within your physicalities. It is very true, do not cling to old patterns just because you’ve always done it, be looking for new ways to come into balance – new ways! If you are a fire sign think about water, for instance, in your astrologies. The Voice heard a good one today. She’s a water, she’s pretty wet, that’s why she cries a lot, you know, but it's crying for happy. She overflows because she’s pretty liquid, and she heard today that Pele is being with her now to bring balance, to bring the fire in to balance her. (We’re just checking in to make sure that’s okay we spilled the beans on that one, and it’s fine.)


"Think about those kinds of things, think about what there is within any part of your being that does not seem to be in balance or in harmony, and then work within yourselves. You can re-use the Exercise that we are about to do if you choose to! It’s easier usually if you have the recording, so don’t hesitate to step up and request it if want to repeat the Exercise.*** It’s much easier than reading it because then you engage your brain – not that we don’t suggest that you balance your brain, we’ve been talking about that one for a long time, but we’re just saying to get the full effect of where we are going to go, you might want to listen because it’s a biggie!


"This is the time, the moment for you to put the whole concept of Equinox and everything that it means to you – being in balance, being in harmony, within your higher vibrational selves. So the way to balance out your ego, for instance, is to tell it to take a nap, it’s time. The way to balance out your inner child is to say, 'Let’s play together and have some playtime because we’ve been real serious lately and we need to have some fun.' You see what we are saying?


"You are beautiful beings of light, Beloved Ones, but within your beings you are what you might call, multifaceted. You can even say somewhat complicated, in a good way. And you’ve had to work real hard to get to where you are now, and now is the easy part, because we are here with you. And so we’re here to give you some guidelines if you choose to follow, some advice, and some wisdom if you choose to heed. And so this is the wisdom for this now moment of our joyful togetherness and it is, BE – be in balance, be in harmony!!!


"Now, there is one obvious thing here that you may already be thinking because you are all very wise – and let’s face it you’ve heard me a time or two before – you may have events happening even within your own families, your own households, which have the ability to throw everyone out of balance, out of harmony. So the best advice we can give you is to get yourselves into balance and maintain that. And if you do find things being disrupted, not peaceful, not harmonious, call us in, we are glad to help!


"Even if there is something that is so chaotic going on that it’s like, 'Stop the world I want to get off for a minute,' that might be the very best thing that you can do. Take a little time out. Say, 'Excuse me, I’ll be right back,’ leave the scene, go outdoors, hug a tree, call us in, call in your highest Divine self and say, 'Okay, let’s go back, or stand right here, and send peace and ho’ponopono and balance and harmony to everyone concerned in this, to everyone involved. Let’s calm it down, let’s create Peace.' Because, you see, Peace is the ultimate goal here, Peace within every being, and Peace within the One We All Are!!!


"There must be and a balance, and harmonious discussions, and conferences, and this must happen, it will happen! It is the state of being for Planet Earth, post Ascension, but the sooner that this can be achieved, the better for all concerned. So you’ve heard many examples of how we’re working behind the scenes and you’ve heard many ways that you, yourselves, have been contributing to bringing this balance and harmony to the world, so now we’re going to do even more. And it is to be exuberant, it is to be in Joy, it is to be feeling the passion of it, and this, Beloved Ones, is High Dimensional Peace. So let’s get on with it, shall we? Alrighty.


"Now, listen up and we shall have the Team coming together with you. And so it is just to breathe and allow the Light to come streaming in, bring it in through your hands, as we have practiced, bring it in through your crown, and you can bring it up through your feet. There’s Light everywhere for you, infinite quantities. Beautiful, beautiful Lights, just let them in through your , just let them come and circulate throughout your fields and come right into your Hearts where your Lovelight shines forth.

"Let this light be joyful and notice, if you will, how it goes through your fields evenly, how it lights your bodies and all of your being; and how, even in your physical body, it comes into your Heart, finds its way there, and then circulates throughout your body evenly. Now, feel the harmony of it, feel the evenness, the Joy and the balance. For some of you it may be a coolness, because that is what it is to create the balance within your being, others may feel a warmth because that is how your being welcomes the balancing, the harmony. Just let yourselves be lit with this grand Light of Love!


"When you are feeling it circulating throughout your fields, reach out and notice in your minds' eye that you are radiating this Light now outside of your energy fields and it is pulsating, spiraling and joining the Light of all of us. Now we are One great pulsing, spiraling Light! You may be seeing different colors, you may be feeling the golden white Light of the Christ, or the violet flame, or the blue light of Truth and of the nurturing mother. Whatever it is that you are feeling, now we are joined, now we are ready, we are ready to lift off together and to journey together.


"Notice if you will, that this grand Light that we are all radiating toward each other, in our grand circle of Love, has become as an outer wall, spherical, with us inside. And notice if you will now, that this beautiful grand Light, that is radiating so harmoniously amongst all of us, is taking somewhat the shape of a magnificent crystal ship. You can see out from it and you know that the stars and the moons and the suns are shining in and we seem to be joining, yes, we are joining the orbit of the planets around the sun. We are hovering above Planet Earth, always keeping Planet Earth within our sights, and yet, we are moving with Planet Earth, seeming to move in a path around the sun.


"What does this mean? It means even more sunlight is coming in! Even as we can look out in other directions and see other planets, and stars and so on, we are truly orbiting in space – in that which seems to be an orbit. It is all harmonious and peaceful, and we are realizing that as we travel in this crystalline ship, we are so balanced as to feel light virtually without any kind of gravity. There is no heaviness here at all. We are all feeling so well balanced with this Light which is shining into us still, and which we are sharing with each other so beautifully. It is almost as if we have a rhythm, and indeed we do – a rhythm of balance, a rhythm of harmony and of this Light shining in from all of these sources.


"Now, pay attention – we are about to move close to the sun. And as we do so, notice we’re not burning up, indeed we can go right to the center of the sun and beyond. We are in our ship of balance, our ship of harmony, and it is only natural that we are able to do this, there is no fear, we are all in great Peace and in great Joy. Now, the sun has messages, and thus we have received these messages. They are now encoded, and yes, they are joyful and yes, they are wise in their simplicity. If there were any doubts in anyone, now you have your wisdom which tells you how Divine you are. The sun has given you that message, and indeed, you have done that which the third dimensional perspective would say is not doable!


"In a calm and peaceful and loving way, you have received your encodements, the energies from the sun. And now you are receiving even more because the energies from the Great Central Sun are coming and they reach us even before they reach the sun of the solar system, and they are loving and wise messages, and they are balancing even more – fine, finite balancing! And you see, it is to come into this balance, this remarkable calm, this Peace, this harmony, that is the most important part of your Ascension Preparation. Indeed, when you are in this state of balance you are in full expression of your full Divinities and you become open to receive these messages and this is why, Beloved Ones, we are in this ship together, this is why we are exchanging our energies and sharing with each other!!!


"Now, we have more mission to do, so lets move back through the sun and take our place again, hovering over planet Earth. This has been a most joyful experience and it is a gift that has been given to you from the Great Central Sun and from your own sun of this solar system! It is to empower you harmoniously, it is to remind you to stay in balance at all times, to strive for that balance. So remember the feelings, remember the Lights, remember what you have seen and bring yourselves back to re-live, if you will, your receiving of these encodements. It is a gift that you have called forth, Beloved Ones, because You Are Who You Are and you deserve to move forward upon your paths with even more High Dimensional energies encoded into you to make it easier, to make it harmonious, to make it, yes, more joyful!


"The sun is shining bright within each and every one of us, Beloved Ones. Understand what that means. You have been encoded with the very Light of the Great Central Sun in your Hearts because you came, because you brought yourselves here and you said, 'I’m ready, count me in!' And you were heard, Beloved Ones. So remember this place of balance, this place of Peace and High Dimensional Joy and harmony. It’s your birthright – Divine Beings You All Are. And we say to you, 'Well done!'


"And now let us simply direct these beams. They are eternal, within each and every one of you. They can be shared freely with all on Planet Earth, below, on and above, and even beyond., Now let us focus our attentions upon Planet Earth and let us stay in this balance and let us calmly breathe and direct these great energies to be shared with all of Planet Earth. Now watch, as we are in the crystal ship that you can see out of quite clearly, watch as we move these energies downward so that they encompass all of Planet Earth.


"And watch Planet Earth, listen to the sounds become more melodious, less raucous. See people starting to hug each other – but not all of them yet. See those who have received the programs that drive them so out of balance that they do violent acts, see them put down their weapons, see them open their Hearts to receive, see them cry tears of Joy that they no longer feel destructive, that they are feeling Peace within their beings! See the animals who have been chasing each other, stop! Perhaps they will come close to each other in a beautiful new harmony, indeed see all of the kingdoms breathe and let go of so much that is out of balance, so much disharmony, so much war and fear and anger.


"This is a legacy, Beloved Ones. There are those who will not let these beams in, not just yet, but they are there for everyone, every member of every kingdom, because Beloved Ones, you have come to do this service. We so honor and thank you, and we tell you you have done great service in this mission. And as we stand together here, centered in our harmonious beams of Love, feeling the great Joy and the lifting off of so many burdens, and seeing others giving theirs up, let us rejoice.


"Now, open to receive the thanks, and we, The Mentors, and all of your Guides and Angels stand with you, and we shall now ask One to come forward and speak as He speaks from his loving Heart. So I, Sekhmet, thank you for your attendance and for your attention in this Exercise and I say, 'Beloved Ones, well done! Namaste, and stay tuned!"




"Greetings, Beloved Family, it is I, Sananda. And yes, we shall hear the music.**** But first I am come forward to stand before you as One With You, One in Joy, One in Peace, and I thank you so much for your participation in this mission! It is indeed to bring about the Peace that passeth all understanding, and it is through balance and harmony that it is felt. And so we thank you, we are awed by you, by your great Love, your great courage and your great strength.


"And so once again I stand with my Mother and my Beloved at my side, and I ask you to step forward and receive the Roses of Kumara, the Roses of Love. And as you accept them into your Hearts, savor the beautiful perfume that they offer to you, each of you, in your own exquisite preference, that which brings you the highest Joy. And know that you shine bright throughout the Universe with the Lights of Love, for you have received the Roses in thanks and gratitude, and most of all, with the Love that we have for you! And so we thank you Beloved Ones, once again, for being with us in Family, and for being Lights, indeed, unto Planet Earth and the Universe beyond. You are thanked, you are blessed, and you are loved beyond words. Namaste!"


* Ashtar on the Road Teleconference, 3-6-12.

** and , on that Teleconference, 3-6-12.

*** If you have registered for this call, you can email Fran for the link to the recording, .
****Sananda's message was followed by Morning Has Broken,
sung by Cat Stevens

Given through , March 20, 2012.

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