You are noticing that time is a zone of no time.   It is becoming less time and therefore eventually no time.   The barrier is lifted and in no time you are able to think and so it is….Lets create exquisitely.   Take something small, begin in an of ,  perhaps its purchasing something.   Use a bit of , sense where you might purchase it and then see for yourself if it doesnt exist just for you as you take a walk in the store.   Chances are it will be just as you thought…right there, as you requested.  Keep practicing….you are creator.   This isn't hard at all to do.  Especially when it is done from love and from true grace and enjoyment of the gifts from the source.  Naturally if you create disharmoniously, then one is going to feel it straight away.   Clear your conciousness, steady the personality, and believe that with discernment you are able to create intuitively with intelligence.  Be willing to do what you havent done before, change course, even look at a picture upside down and it has value.   Meander and take detours on the path not yet realized.  Who knows where you may journey next because an adventure is waiting for the adventurer to dream?