Wednesday, April 11, 2012


All are juggling both positive and negative energies in their lives. So much so that the negative makes it difficult, at times, to maintain spiritual balance. So there is value in laying down the negative in order not to hinder the positive. So how do you lay down the negative to free yourself up for juggling the spiritual? The answer is in not giving power through non-resistance and starving it of attention or focus.

Your as well as your mental capacities have limitations. If you are fussing over something, it is difficult to think of something else. So lay aside–we did not say ignore; for, that is resistance by acknowledging the negativity–and surrender the negative to be transformed and declare in your life.

Do not attack negativity; for, it feeds on your fear. Be neither aggressive towards it nor defeated by it; for, dominion is a powerful state of being that resists nothing and overcomes everything.