Ascended Master, ’s Weekly Message ~ April 27 – May 04, 2012
Channeled by:
April 27, 2012

your day with a , begin a conversation with a ; it takes the briefest of moments to express yourself with the highest and purest of your intentions just by a simple and beautiful gesture that amplifies your light and . When you are offering comfort, guidance, tenderness and it is important dear ones that your facial expression reflects the true nature of your heart. A person does not have to be next to you to feel your and feel your warmth. By the words you choose and the tone they express, who is reading will feel and know your gentleness and loving spirit.

It is not easy maintaining a positive manner at all times. You are not expected by any of the Divine to be perfect. We have HOPE that you will choose to respond and react with love and through every action. We have FAITH that you will see any error quickly and learn from any irrational response that occurred from any verbal or written communication. It is important to be aware dear ones of your frame of mind also to be aware when frustration is seeping in. It requires great discipline to refrain from lashing out and causing more harm by allowing harmful words to spill out. Arguments will happen, simply excuse yourself and wish them the best and offer them blessings of love. I understand it can be difficult to walk away, the more you continue in antagonizing argument the more of your own inner-power is given and lost even though temporarily.

You cannot force your opinions or beliefs on others who follow a different course than you. Respect must be given, and appreciation for what each other thinks and feels will help bring forth a more peaceful collaboration of great minds and hearts working together. After all you are all working together dear ones. You are working together already; you are working to unite the people of earth with great love and compassion for all gender, all culture and background. You are working together to bring about knowledge and information that will not include ego based opinions and encouraging acceptance and understanding of yourself and everyone else. Where you are right now, maybe you are meditating, praying, or studying something new that will bring out increased spiritual awareness and growth is helping the people of the world move forward in a more positive light.

The point here dear ones is being able to discover yourself countering emotionally instead of dealing with the challenge or problem reasonably and maturely. It will take time to change your ways of reacting heatedly to taking on a calmer approach. The transition will happen, as you learn to slow down and reflect what it is that upsets you so much; reach for the root cause and learn what you can do to fix this and change this behaviour or way into a more positive attribute. What challenges you have dear ones! Exasperation comes into your mind many times in a day. You choose already with your children which arguments are worth being firm about and which ones you are flexible with. The same approach can be taken with anyone at any age, using a gentler and compassionate approach with every interaction you are included in.

When you are able to achieve for the small disruptions just by being more amiable and compassionate, you are preparing yourself for taking on the bigger and more complicated challenges that come along. The fear and shock that is commonly experienced will be lessened because your inner-self has remembered similar occurrences on a smaller scale and you will begin to set in motion the same procedure that brought out peace and calming the mind. Your first step is to smile. You already have the know-how to move through your challenges with less panic, you only have apply what you know at every stage as the challenge being faced progresses. Believe in yourself dear ones and know how much you are loved and appreciated. Be persistent with continuously learning and increasing your knowledge and applying that wisdom when you speak, work, and play; in any action that you take, be it with love, compassion and smile first. Don’t remind yourself of mistakes, they are not mistakes dear ones, only lessons. Remember to forgive yourself, love yourself and be kind to yourself. Before you exercise these to your immediate family and friends you are close to, you must fully apply them to yourself first.

I have enjoyed our time spent today even though it was shorter than what I have transmitted lately. All your efforts to reach peace and calm are valuable and I appreciate each of you and love you dearly. Dear ones, I wish for each of you your efforts to gain the perfect level of purity and balance in all parts of yourself and of journey you are on. Find a working balance with your reasoning and emotional self that will work the most optimal for you. My blessings are always with you. Namaste,

I AM Serapis Bey through Julie Miller