Wednesday, April 11, 2012

I keep remembering the journal of Creating New Earth, in which initial messages began via our sleep. I write this message because I write what i receive. It is a leap of faith for me to give this kind of prediction, as I have stayed away from that. However, it is time form me to be take the leap and post this message. I know that others have been talking about these changes for weeks, and I haver read every word. What if this message is true? What if are free at last? What if we are truly Going Home??

After a long dream of being in some one else’s house and realizing it was time for me to leave and go to my own house, I woke up at 5:55 with the words: “ from Home.”

When I heard the words, “transmissions from Home,” I saw a man sitting at a desk, like a newscaster. He was blond and had on a uniform, which like the uniform of a Galactic Being. His uniform was white and gold with an insignia over his heart. There were also golden adornments on his shoulders and his collar was like straight up, like a military uniform. In fact, it was like a Dress Military Uniform, but not form our military.

I got up and went into my office to get this transmission. I am ready for your transmission now. Would you please send me your message?


Dearest members of earth,
We the members of the speak with you today to tell you that our landings have begun. We come first to our awakened ones within their dreams and meditations. We speak to all of you to prepare you so that you can prepare others.

You have been hearing many messages from your Internet about the great changes that are about to commence regarding the removal of those who have created harm and chaos due to their selfish ways. These words are true. This is why we have come to you today, yes, we have come into dreams and meditations of grounded/ascending ones to validate that the messages you have been receiving.

We are coming first into your consciousness in such a vivid fashions that you cannot deny it or call it a dream or your imagination. The formal commencement of your Return Home has long been a long awaited dream. You dared not imagine that the time was here because it would be too painful if you did so and discovered that it was “just” your imagination—just a dream.

We tell you NOW that your dreams are correct. This day/night of 4-11-12 we are broadcasting this message to our ascending ones and telling them to prepare for their return. Yes, we instantly hear in your hearts, “But we have heard this words before and prepared so many times. How can we build our expectation and then be disappointed AGAIN?”

It is become of these thoughts that we have read in your minds, that we have come into your consciousness to speak to each of you in an individual way to say:
“Get ready, dear members of our Earth Team, for the process has begun in earnest. Today, 4-11-12 the arrests have begun across the world and those who have sought for eons to have power over humanity have lost! Yes, they have lost their power, they have lost their money and, most important, they have lost their ability to strike fear into the hearts and minds of humanity.

Of course, there are still those to choose to linger in fear rather accept that what they always dreamed of is NOW theirs to behold. This is why we have come to you today to tell you to prepare for the changes with LOVE. Do NOT allow ANY fear to enter your being, for that is the tool of the dark ones. Hence, we are speaking personally to all of you, as doubt is the best tool of fear.

We know that many of you will not realize that you have received this message—YET, but be patient, and you will remember that you have personally received our guarantee that “IT HAS BEGUN.” We know that there are many levels of that simple statement, so we will give you more details. What has begun is the removal of those who have stood in the way of your joy of ascension since the time leading up to the fall of Atlantis.

Atlantis was to be an opener of Portals so that the next 13,000 years would lead up to Planetary Ascension. It was the Divine Plan that there would be myriad personal ascensions when Gaia was “at the back door” of the . Many of you died in service during that time as wounded warriors and carried that wounding through out the next 13,000 years of your incarnations. Worse yet, the dark ones—the Brothers of Biel—appeared to have won the battle between light and dark and planetary destruction reigned for many millennia. The dark ones had successfully culled the heard, by killing millions of humans.

This culling of the herd was the dark ones intention again. However, this time, YOU the Forces of Light have won! You, our grounded warriors, have been joining us night after night in your finer bodies to assist us with our plans and arrangements. Then, you have awakened in the morning to your earth vessel and began, yet, another day in the third dimension. Do you see now why you have been so very tired? Your sleep has not been restful because you have chosen to assist us in your finer bodies, while your third dimensional form regenerated.

We want you to know that you all will begin to feel better soon! There is just the “mopping up” to be done, which you are all happily joining in on while your earth vessel sleeps. However, very soon, your “sleep” will NOT be spent battling the forces of darkness, but preparing New Earth for IMMEDIATE OCCUPANCY. Yes, we do mean immediate, for YOU our Earth Warriors who have tenaciously served our ranks to complete this cycle of destruction will be spending your “sleep” time constructing New Earth.

Many of you have chosen to NOT remember your dreams, as they were of your great service to Earth and working to remove that which has tried to halt Her transmutation. Therefore, you needed to forget your “night shift” as you had to awaken to the third dimension and go back to WORK again. Many of our grounded warriors have been experiencing illness because of their constant service. On the other hand, your illness has also been symptoms of transformation.

Your service to the ONE has initiated your return to Lightbody. Hence, your physical forms are feeling like a skin that has grown too small for you and is very restrictive. Therefore, like snakes you wish only to rest to “shed your old skin.” In fact, we encourage you to rest as much as possible because you will be called upon to calm the fears of those who are un-awakened and un-aware.

We need you, the Earth Based members of our Federation and , to hold the ever-accelerating Light and channel the unconditional love that you are being sent to our incarnated ones. The uninformed may suffer from fear, and the best antidote for fear is TRUTH and LOVE. Therefore, we send to each and every one of you the TRUTH of Planetary Ascension and the unconditional love that stream from our hearts through the Galactic Center.

Our Milky Way Galaxy is being cleared of polarity NOW and Earth, the schoolroom for myriad inter-galactic civilizations, is a pivotal planet in this “righting of the ship.” With the release of polarity, the wobbling spin of Gaia can be corrected and Earth can “spin” into the higher frequencies of New Earth. Our message today is to tell you that the tide has turned. Release the fear and restrictions of the old NOW and Embrace your joy of creating New Earth. Your personal and planetary ascension is well underway NOW!

Thursday, April 12, 2012
Transmissions From HOME 2



Dear HOME, wherever and at whatever frequency you are, I did not have a dream last night. That is I do not remember having a dream about you, but today seemed like a very special day. I have been working with groups, and we have been learning ways to create New Earth. However, we, also, know that New Earth has always been created. So, I guess we are actually creating our return to New Earth. I realize that third dimensional language is becoming increasingly insufficient to express and/or understand timeless, multidimensional communications.

Dear ONE that I saw in my dream, your face is forever imprinted on my mind. I have the idea that you are a member of the Galactic Federation, and you look as though you may be Pleiadian. You may also be Arcturian, as I have only experienced the Arcturians in their Lightbodies or in forms that are not very similar to human. It is for this reason that I imagine that you are Pleiadian. I don’t remember talking to you last night, but perhaps I could talk with you now?

Dear Suzille,
You are talking with us all the time, as you have a higher SELF right here at our table. We want you to share this message with your blog because many of your readers are our dear friends and companions. We ask you all, please do not measure yourself by your third dimensional earth body. We assure you that you, yes ALL of you, are a grounded expression of your great, Multidimensional SELF.

We ask each of you to allow your imagination to perceive how you appear in our fifth/sixth dimensional reality. Please, go ahead and take a moment to do that NOW…

For those of you who see this message in the nighttime, please take this exercise into your sleep. For those of you who receive this message during the day, please leave yourself a reminder by your bed to imagine how you appear to us, the members of the Galactic Federation…

Of course, you have many higher dimensional realities, which is why we ask you to imagine, and/or visit, your expression that is here with us. Our Galactic Federation is huge, and only a percentage of us are currently holding a human form on ascending Earth. Therefore, it is extremely likely that if you are drawn to this message it is because it reminds you of Home! The particular Home we are speaking of is the Galactic Home which you are representing in your current Earth life.

We apologize for our somewhat confusing language. As stated above, third dimensional language system is extremely inadequate to effectively interpret multidimensional transmissions. Because of this, it is important that you remember Light Language, as much of our message gets “lost in translation.” It is for this reason that there are often conflicting “channels” from the higher worlds. To alleviate this problem, we will continue our transmission by speaking in the metaphorical manner of Light Language.

As the sun sets on that which you have known as your reality, you feel the welcoming glow of a new manner of perception and interaction. This glow fills your being and encourages your sleeping Lightbody to burst forth into the Light of your dawning world. You rub your eyes to release the cobwebs of forgetfulness from your memory, so that the seeds that have lain dormant within your consciousness can begin to sprout. These seeds are similar to the Fire Seeds that remain inactive in the forest soil, and are only brought to life by a raging fire.

Now the fire of transmutation is raging in full force. Just as the Fire Flowers create a sturdy ground cover to protect the naked earth from erosion, you—our grounded emissaries of light—will hold the foundation of your world so that the many changes will find a sturdy format upon which they can grow. Then, just as the Fire Plants last only one season and return home to their soil, your service will last as long as needed. Then you, too, will return to HOME to be with us again.

We feel your impatience. However, we are confident that you will stay your course for as long as necessary. Think with your Heart and love with your Collective Mind. Feel the polarities blending within your being and walk the Center Path. With each footfall your Path changes, so center your awareness upon where you ARE. Each decision you make sets into motion an alteration in your course. Hence, you must ONLY BE where you are NOW.

Release the burden of time to feel the NOW grow within you. The strongest tree can be felled by a wind than only bends the small blade of grass that offers no resistance. BE the grass, BE the wind and BE the Path that prepares itself for the pressure of your next step. Release the habit of being third dimensional, and stand naked before the nothingness. Your life is a blank canvas awaiting the first brushstroke of your new life.

Walk alone in nature, listen to music, read poetry, and don’t speak a word for hours. Release the skin that has become too tight, and protect the delicate membrane that encompasses your consciousness. Treasure EVERY moment as if it were your last. Time is ending. There is only NOW!