If there’s one thing I’ve learned since I began communicating with the dolphins, it’s that they are unbelievably persistent.  It doesn’t where you’re going or what you’re doing.  If they decide they want to talk to you, they will talk to you!  They’ve explained to me that their perception of time, and what is and is not important, is vastly different than ours.  Therefore, when they initiated contact with me this morning, it didn’t matter that I had a zillion things to do; clean the house, do laundry, go -shopping, print out my son’s homework, walk the dogs… ( You know what I mean-all the fun stuff!)  As I steered my SUV off the parent-dropoff ramp at school, I felt the requisite pressure building at the base of my neck and then heard the familiar chirpy, singsong voice say, “Good morning to you, Angel. We wish to chat with you.&;  I told them that I would find a quiet spot in the supermarket parking lot so I could receive their message undisturbed.  “No, no, no. You need to go to the beach to hear us!”  But I can hear you now, I told them. I don’t have time to go to the beach.   Obviously they did not think anything I had to do this morning was as important as hanging out with them, since their reply to this was, “Go now, Angel, now.  Those other tasks can wait.  Such silly, silly things you choose to do. Go!”  And so I did.  Across the causeway and in the opposite direction of the shopping center!  Here is their message…

(*my comments are in italics.)

☯ We embark today on a which causes us no small amount of distress, in regard to the care and feeding of your bodies, Sweet Ones.  Your sacred vessels of light, gifted to you by the Creators themselves, to facilitate your life experience on planet .  Like a growing garden, they must be cultivated and loved.  When fed and watered well, it shall gift you with an abundance of succulent fruit and flowering glory.  Suffused with rubbish, it shall surely wither and die.  It grieves us so to observe that even now, at this late stage of the ascension timeline, so many human beings persist in polluting themselves with all measure of toxins and contaminants, of their own choosing.  This is the urgent message we wish for you to convey, Sister, as it will surely reach the ones who are meant to see it.  

I really like this topic! I’m always preaching to everyone about healthy eating and going vegetarian, and trying to get some friends and family to stop smoking.  I’d love to hear what you all have to say about this.

☯ Oh, yes, we have much to share, we do!  Where to even begin?  With the smoking sticks, perhaps.  Why oh why do you partake of such destructive behaviors, dear Cousins?  We recoil in horror at the damage this is doing to you, as this is some of the more difficult violation to attempt to reverse.  This is an addiction which need be processed and let loose unto the ethers, as we can guarantee you that to continue on will most assuredly inhibit your physical shift.  The tools are available to ease you through the transition, and know that your loving guides stand ready to hold your hand throughout this difficult process.

☯ Let us next address the topic of feeding and sustenance.  Once your crystalline bodies take form, there will no longer be the need to eat and drink, but for now it is a challenge we must all contend with.  Know that you are not alone in this, as we of the Cetacean Realm are physical Earth dwellers, also.   We too eat to stay alive.  Our struggle is akin to yours, and many of the pollutants that attack your are the very same ones that are defiling ours.  Much of our environment has been tainted by and waste.  At times, we are hunted and stripped of our most cherished freedom-that to play, explore and roam at will.  Not unlike the wars that ravage the surface world.  Like you, we ask ourselves “How shall we feed our young? Which food is safe to eat?”  Or so sadly, in your own case, how to afford the rising cost.  It is no small feat, is it, what ought to be the most natural act of survival?   And so, beloved Cousins, our advice to you is this.  Gravitate towards what is real and choose only from the fruits of Gaia’s delightful bounty.  As you peruse your shops, closely examine each choice and ask yourselves, “Is this food?  Is it God given or a false creation?  Is it pure or specially engineered by those who wish to rob you of your health and creativity; is it’s function to anesthetize the Golden Children and rob their will?  Can your lips form the syllables imprinted upon the product’s packaging?  The old powers have devised these addictive temptations to be both attractive and convenient.  Yet, for the ascending human they are but a pretty poison cleverly designed to keep you from reclaiming what is yours, which is to evolve and become one with All That Is.  It is your right to be able to soar to the heavens and fly with the Angels!  Oh, and yes, best of all sweet Cousins, to swim and play with us!  Of course.   Lest we forget the most enjoyable part!

☯ As for the dilemma of whether to eat the flesh of an animal or not to do so – we say that path is best left up to both the individual and to the creature in question.  Should you choose to consume meat, then do it wisely and with compassion.  Choose only the meat of a being who has lived freely and humanely, asking permission and giving thanks.  Honor the sacrifice that they have made.  Much of the meat sold in your shops come from creatures who have been subjected to cruel and barbarous conditions, knowing only existences of pain, degradation and fear.  When you ingest their flesh, you ingest their and experiences.  Oh yes, dear Cousins, there is much truth to your popular saying, “you are what you eat.”  You simply cannot grow into your crystalline nature in a body which is rife with harsh energies.  We truly cannot stress this enough!

☯ Oh, how we love you utterly beyond measure!  We are your closest Star-Family, embodied and dwelling right here among you.  Our hearts swell to bursting with pride as we experience firsthand the inspiring  progress you have made.  We say that you must never forget to be in boundless gratitude at all times and spread it far and wide.  Shout loudly from the treetops so that all will know that the time of awakening has dawned.  Join with us in thanks to the Creator.  Oh, the blessings!  And a priceless blessing you are to us, sweet Cousins. We have been, and shall eternally be, bonded in love forever and always.  

We are the The Collective.