11 April 2012

Channeler: Luminance River

I am in a tree and seeing the Fae'rea as little pinkish purple lights, like the glow of tree lights in little round balls. I know there are fairies within the light but they are interdimensional beings. I know they are there but you can't see their form. I see them as magnenta light. I feel their laughter, tiny fairy laughter. I feel how they love us very much.

I am enjoying the night, seeing the stars and knowing I am connected to them always and they are me, my soul self in its collective of souls. Many of those souls are here on earth with me and some are even friends, family and acquantances. Some haven't been born on earth before or were born and have left. I feel their strongly now. They are very happy. They are in a light mood, like dolphin . I feel blessed, like nothing is wrong and all is well in this . Ahh. Relax into the they say.

My pours out in gratitude for the now.

I send a request to them to give me guidance for what this month will be like, that which is left.
They blink and I know they mean to pay attention to the stars and I look up and they say pay attention to the feeling of the stars. You may remember more of who you are, and experience a frequency download sometime soon. They may still be going through emotional cleansing. It may be up and down emotionally but it is starting to stabilize and be at a new level of steadiness which feels more optimistic.

You see people broken into groups: those who are and have been doing inner work and those who have not. The first group will be coping well and finding joy and expansiveness. The other group, those who know they need to work on stuff, will be called to either do it or suffer emotionally. There will be some oblivious ones who don't know what is going on but rest assured they are being influenced by the higher vibration of the planet.

It is a good time to cut cords, cut negative cords to people in your life in order to gain your energy back and be whole. If you are giver, you are likely to feel more whole when you do this. Even for those you are attached to, cut the negative cords. The love will be there but the dependence won't. You will be left in your own power. For those who aren't doing the inner work which means taking responsibility for themselves, they may siphon off your energy if you don't cut cords or otherwise separate into your own ..As lightworker we shine light for others but we are not the light source or the power source for others.

The Fae'rea twinkle their magenta lights, playing hide and seek. They are showing me how important play is. Find your friends who light you up and play with them. They are showing me that the best way to awaken others is to play and be happy around them. It is a tough job, but somebody has to do it. They giggle and run away. You will feel more like playing when the end of April comes..

May you be blessed.
The Fae'rae send their love.
Enjoy yourself and play your way through ascension.

~The Fae'rea are a new collective of guides that have come through from the archangelic realm. It feels like they are a frequency of compassion, divine feminine creator energy, the light at the center of the galaxy, a fairy energy, and they appear as pink light particles. I call on them for guidance, assistance, and communion. They may be related to the new chakra of the high heart that is formed. Most of all, The Fae'rea are here to help us embody unconditional love.

~Luminance River, with gratitude to all

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