4 April 2012

The ~ 1 ~ How to Think

The time is coming when you will have a thought and it will be there

The first reference point we adopted when we started The Intenders over a dozen years ago was that our thoughts (and our words) create our world. We knew that the key to our greatest happiness, as well as our gliding as gracefully as possible through these times of great change, lies in our thinking processes. Once we fully understood that our thoughts are the building blocks of our future, we realized that the solutions to any challenges we were faced with are not going to come through political or worldly means, but through our becoming more vigilant of our thoughts. We simply needed to learn to hold our attention on the thoughts that serve us and discard the ones that don't.

You see, from the time we were small children we were taught what to think, but, in all our years of schooling, we were never taught how to think. That's why we created the Intention Process. And that's what we're going talk about as we cross together – how to think – because another thing we've begun to notice recently is that the time between the time we make an intention and its manifestation is getting shorter and shorter. Therefore, it behooves us to keep a much closer eye on what were thinking (and what were saying) than ever before.

I recall an occasion last year when a friend of mine and I were pulling into a large parking lot early one Saturday evening to rent a video. Every , for as far as we could see, was filled. Normally, we would have made an intention on the way to the video by saying something like, "I intend we have a great place to park when we get there." Then, we'd invoke the Highest Good, and say "So be it and so it is."

But we forgot to do that, and as we looked around and I almost started to voice a complaint, she suddenly remembered, then quickly stated an intention, said "So be it" – and just as she did, a brown conversion van backed out of the space directly in front of the main door to the store. I got so excited that I yelled out, "And there it is!"

She pulled into the spot and both of us sat there laughing. Our "So be it and so it is" had turned into "So be it and there it is." We'd had a conscious instantaneous manifestation, and it was as if we'd received a confirmation that we were evolving to our next step. I can't tell you how good it felt.

My Intention for today is:

I intend that I remember that what I am thinking and talking about all day long is what I am manifesting for myself.

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