Message from Archaea
Channeled by:
April 05, 2012

Dear beautiful children now is the time for ALL ’s children to return to a simplicity of Faith as it is necessary for the return to the Oneness so many are trying diligently to attain. It is the goodness, gentleness, kindness, and love that is required to move through you on a constant daily basis. A renouncing of the seven sins is also required as they do not serve the highest good for yourself and those closest to you. By remaining in any of the seven sins, a drain of your will continue and the sluggishness you may experience will not completely leave until you are able to fully and absolutely rise above those sins and become one with as you always were.

Whenever you feel a of weakness, a bend of your own will, call upon me and I will wrap you within blue sapphire shield of protection. I will gently guide you to the truth that is necessary for your growth and enlightenment. I see the struggles you have tirelessly endured, we of the divine realm understand the the lessons you have faced. It is very HUMAN to feel the need of quiet time or solitude when you are passing through a difficult phase. Do not fret overly much as this will pass and you will once again come shining through. When allowing yourself the much needed solitude in order to reflect, grasp understanding, and absorb information and to just be; be aware of your emotional state and divert yourself from any negative or low self-talk. During this of important healing it also crucial to remain as optimistic as possible; feed your mind, body and soul with the loving union with yourself.

The healing you will receive from your own efforts dear children will empower you with and vitality. Through each time you take solitude, a time to regenerate and heal you will feel an increase of uplifting that will definitely bring you to higher realms of your own consciousness and awareness. There is never a right or wrong time; it is whatever fits for YOU time. Dear ones pay attention to the signs your physical body will give you, and be aware of your chakras and of their attunement. A description of a normal day in this lifetime is filled with intense chaos, juggling of time, being able to multi-task not just the aspects of your job but of your personal life as well. There does come a time dear ones when you must stop and recognize when it’s time for you to unwind and let all the strain leave your body, to lighten your spirit, heart and mind. We of the Divine UNDERSTAND it is not always possible to commit completely due to the strain each day brings you from the many avenues you are pulled. When you do take time for a spiritual break to meditate, pray, connect with your guides, or to study commit that time you have set aside to what you are doing. Fully focus on what you are working on. This alone will allow yourself to be removed from the troubles of the day and concentrate on the meditation, ceremony, prayer or what you have planned as your way to connect to your guides, your higher self, to God, or other deities that you work closely with.

Some of what you unravel of yourself that will bring forth your absolute truth will no doubt be troubling and possibly unexpected. That is why it’s best to pursue your endeavors with NO expectation. Clear your mind of pre-assumed thoughts or self-judgements and allow what is meant to come forth to happen. You just might be very surprised. Through all the wisdom you are to gain from your own inner exploration you will rekindle any loss of Faith you may have had for yourself and of God. The rekindling for some dear ones comes with time. Do not rush; breathe and be of light and love. Even if you cannot feel God’s presence, KNOW He is always there without any calling from you. You and your dear Father are more connected than you may realize.

Every new day dear ones renews Faith and Hope. Every day is a new opportunity to accelerate your love and intent from your dear hearts through every particle of your being in ALL that you do. Living truthfully and honestly with no need to cause harm of any kind or of any way with project you further along your journey of enlightenment and increasing your own awareness. Each of you holds a crucial part in the unification of the peoples of the Earth. And this unity will occur with the purity of love, gratitude and absolute forgiveness.

I WILL affectionately guide and support you to accept and attain the Will of God. I WILL comfort you while the Will of God trickles into your consciousness. During this precious moment of your spiritual development you will become a TRUE facet of yourself and of the everlasting light that forever moves between you and God. Remember dear ones as you work through daily puzzles and concerns that often plague your mind, YOU are never alone. Any question you have of yourself, you already hold the answers. No one; not a friend, relative, , co-lightworker, or other familiar face can tell you what you seek to know of yourself. Listen closely to what your heart speaks in regards to your questions. Have Faith in what you hear from deep within.

Each dear son and daughter of God has many choices throughout their day and the choices easily turn into lessons. Each of you has the choice to see, to hear, to speak, and to feel as God does in every action of every day. Each of you has the choice to not only recognize but to accept that all people of your Earth are equally loved by God. God loves not one child more than another. With all the upheaval that is being duly noted, it is even more important to drop your judgements and look deep into your fellow brothers and sisters and see each one, who you meet passing you by, the , the faceless person whom you speak to through a computer ALL are filled with the perfect beauty and love from God. It does not matter to us or to God of any physical imperfection or handicap, no one is treated less because of a mental illness or untreatable disease. None are looked down upon because of language issues or slowness of understanding different concepts. EACH of you are truly and deeply loved. In our eyes and hearts there is no competition, rivalry or criticism when we see you and work with you. All we feel is love, pure deep unbending love.

I have the PUREST of Faith that each son and daughter will remove themselves from the lower frequencies of the Ego that cause petty behaviour and ALL of you will rise to the GLORY of God’s beautiful love.

I AM Archaea Faith through Julie Miller