we come in blind…at first..we only see the love of ..
the innocent babe..
then..our earthly eyes open and we wonder
what are we doing here??

the curtain is pulled down…the light of home seems to have
taken flight..
the takes on many wounds as we walk
this life..
yet…there is a seed contained within us already known
in "heaven"…
as long as the world seems perfect the seed remains
dormant for we are playing in the dream…


we get knocked down and yet we get back up again
and ~seek outside of ourself~ for the next perfect job..
the next perfect mate…perfect book…etc

one day we finally scream and say
"this world cannot be real"…

the seed bursts open…we see already prepared
for each of us that takes us back home to the truth
of our Self…

for some of us have created Jeshua…the name given
to the energies of transcendence that begin to burn
away the illusion that we are this body…this little self…

the fires of transformation begin…we are the
global warming…

we are the heating….the fire that burns all unlike
love into ash…we are the phoenix rising..
burning off all unlike love so it can
be returned to the beauty of love…

we are so loved by this gentle …loving
of the divine feminine
who comes along and wipes away
all unlike love within us
leaving us radiant….shining…
crystal ~clear~ shining the blue ray
of peace thru each of our many
dimensional windows of our soul….

this is the journey home to Self….
the final destination…

~unconditional love of what Is ~


feel free to share this wherever guided to do
so…listen to your heart…for there will
you find the way of love..

taken from the book The Bridge to Home…

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