Jennifer Hoffman a message from Archangel Uriel channeled by Jennifer Hoffman

Monday, 20 February, 2012  (posted 6 April, 2012)  

There is nothing that is denied to you and when you do not see the outcome you desire in your life it is not because you have not been heard by Source, have not moved , or are not worthy, it is because your spiritual 'yes' and your material 'yes' are out of . A spiritual yes represents an energetic agreement, a material 'yes' is a material outcome. The Universal is always yes; the outcome is not always aligned with the spiritual 'yes' because it requires you to be aligned with what you are asking for. And when you do not see the results you wish to see, look to your alignment with your for the reason, because always answers 'yes' to you.

You always manifest from your intention but you do not always fully intend what you are trying to manifest. You may ask for financial abundance but your beliefs and thoughts are focused on lack. With financial abundance your life may change, you may be asked to support others financially, you may be able to realize a cherished dream and that may change your commitments or relationships. The intention is there but the focus is not. The energy always responds to your request but you are not aligned with what you have asked for.

The closer you are to higher dimensional living the more you are connected to the energy of . While you can manifest more quickly, you must still be aligned with the Universal laws that govern manifestation and co-. The Universe will always support your desires but you must be aligned with every aspect of them or you will be frustrated by what you see as a lack of fulfillment. Every intention is fulfilled; what was the true nature of your intention and what energy was supporting it? It may be a to you but it is not a to the energy you work with.

Being closer to the light and in higher dimensions of being highlights any areas where you are separated from your own light, which includes beliefs, thoughts, feelings, the past, fear, or anger. These emotional energies compete with your intention and block the flow of energy for creation of your highest intention. While the Universe's answer is always 'yes', it responds to your lowest energetic vibration.  When you know your fears and release them, understand your blocks and remove them, and are willing to express and experience your highest purpose and potential, your spiritual and material 'yes' will act as one and the  connect with your highest good.

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