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Monday, 23 April, 2012

"If we imagine ourselves as being every bit as huge, deep, mysterious and awe-inspiring as the night sky, we might begin to appreciate how complicated we are as individuals, and how much of who we are is unknown not only to but to ourselves." – Thomas Moore.

Keeping up with spiritual can at times bring us right up against resistance, friction, and frustration in order that we see what isn't serving our highest potential in the moment. That's the bad news, the good news is this we won't be finding those qualifiers in relationships but rather within ourselves. The final days of April are about preparing your physical vessel for a step-up in Spiritual Embodiment. Our earth mother, Lady , has pushed forward in her own and is balancing out the forces within her own being. This means the entire planet is becoming centered in a New inner world as the fire, water, air, and earth elements align and balance on a higher level. She has taken her physical from a third dimensional soul and stepped up the ladder of development until a fifth dimension has merged with her cellular structure.

Because of Gaia's new point of wholeness we are also refining the elemental components within our physicality. Our days of existing within an easy flow of environment may spin and dip a bit this week. Experiences of spatial displacement such as misjudging distances or locations will alert you that changes are occurring within your elemental nature. Vertigo will also be a common aliment as unhealthy energy is released and replaced with heightened awareness at a body-conscious level.

Understand that as you have asked for direct connection with your Soul and the independent expression of Source that you are many preparations have to take place in body and mind. To have rulership and command of your natural abilities within this latest technology of Light great care and measures must be taken. The denser vibrations of what we have been up-to-now are dissolving and the waves of what-we-are-becoming are foundationing in this realm of duality. Those who use their spiritual eyes to follow the vision of our highest evolutionary path will step into manifesting their highest ideals rather quickly. This is just one of the consequences of the elemental refinements taking place. As they do this, messages, revelations, and inspirations are brought to them about completing their part of the greater plan in a balanced way which brings even more joy into our life as we truly begin to walk our talk as the human-angel hybrid who is creating a New world.

The new order of things will become mystical instead of mundane as all realize they are the co-leader (with Spirit) in the creation of their life. That it is their thoughts, the power of their mind, that is changing and creating them. Being able to readily see that we are both the cause and the effect of our life brings us to Soul-level living. We become the primary reason for connection or disconnection with our own Spark and maintaining that association. Ego will find that it now lives on shaky ground as suffering, compromise, and sacrifice are not part of the Godly process that is descending upon us. Living Light will not spiral through us if we want to live less-than.

Get used to busting your own Ego, power struggles, or lack of integrity. It happens to every master. Learn to laugh at your own density. You are a human being reaching the ultimate goal that comes through change — remembrance of Universal Source Substance! It is time to move beyond our fears and give the universe the best we have to offer, this human vessel and our attention to higher perspectives. This is an exciting time for those on the verge of physical ascension. Allow the body to adjust and it will seem as if you have walked right into a new wing within the living library of light.

Enjoy your spiritual particles, they are quite a blessing this week –



Individuality is the necessary complement of the Universal Spirit. Consequently man, in his inmost nature, is the product of the Divine Mind forth an image of itself. This is why I claim empowered divinity and trust that I am whole and complete. I trust I am God in expression. I trust that I am All That Is! I am endowed with an innate, divine, unlimited spiritual power and my only need is to become self aware of that.

God is simply a self-aware intelligent universal consciousness that contains all possibilities and since the Universal can only work on the plane of the particular through the individual I flow this Universal goodness into suitable directions of secondary causation. My place in the cosmic order is that of a distributor of the Divine Power. I move forward in joy to exclaim this acknowledgement of Being. As new portals of time and consciousness open I peek into all this is a possibility. The land of spiritual promises and material miracles. I make order of what would be, what could be, and what shall be. My mind is clear. My heart is clear. My purpose clear. All that I Am whispers louder each day; the mirage of humaness dissolves and the evolutionary process of Soul becomes crystal clear. In this now moment I unfold into what it is my heart really needs — what it is that my humaness is so afraid of, and what it is that the divinity within asks me to have the courage to do.

I know I'm Spirit; I know I'm more than physical. Thankfully I see from Original Creation that my state of consciousness must be the cause, and the corresponding conditions the effect. I live the Creative Order – from states to conditions! And so it is.

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