Apr 4

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Well, two or three days have passed since coming to the realization that I would not be around for a while, due to a bit out of my control but such allowed for a bit of a break, a bit of a temporary stepping back from all that I have been doing, to rejuvenate me a bit and help me realize some things about myself that have been kept hidden away. Oh, how I have missed my spiritual , and though the break was short it did indeed serve to show me a few things about myself that were quite surprising.

I am of course, now working to realize fully and transmute such things, but suffice to say while the forced break was quite appreciated, there were also a few aspects of the break that bugged me so to speak, that showed me that I truly have not yet done much past my spiritual work, in the way of personal growth and .

While I work with much of myself to feel the energies of the higher realms as well as the contact with the beings who reside in such realms, much of my personal growth has been on the backbone of the spiritual work I have been doing, and while the messages I bring through seem to help a lot of people in many avenues, I too am learning new information with each session brought through and have lately looked to my public channelings for many aspects of my own personal development, which I am of course beginning to learn not to do.

It’s funny how such seemingly innocent and insignificant happenings such as one’s child tearing their charger cord can actually serve to have a profound effect on many areas of one’s Life. My fiancé still jokes that the whole thing was a conspiracy from my child in an to get me to spend more time with him! All kidding aside though, this short but needed break has helped me quite a bit to realize when I personally am looking to the computer and to my own work for validation of my own spirituality and rising perceptual experience, which is of course toying with illusion.

Upon coming home today and receiving the charger, I felt immediately like a kid in a candy store. Oh, what should I do first! Answer emails? Update the site? Do a ? The opportunities came swimming to me, the majority of which I knew I would not quite have the for. So as one can imagine, I was quite excited to get back to my public work and during the two days that I was gone, all I wanted to do was check up on things and perform a reading or a , or write an article. The want to do these things was gnawing away at me, while I knew at the same time that what was happening was needed and was a graciously given gift by my Guides.

The majority of my days are filled with happily performing much work, and no matter what I am doing it is usually related to my spiritual work. Whether this work is giving a reading or channeling, editing a reading or channeling, fishing for spiritual news to update Aquarius, talking to so very many wonderful fellow awakening souls through the emails I get every day, updating certain areas of both of my blogs, posting articles to other blogs and forums, or any other thing that I have been happily doing on a daily basis, the energy I have given to my own work and the effort that I personally have put in has been worth each and every second, minute and perceived frustration.

Indeed, certain aspects of this work have frustrated me before and in some cases will continue to do so, and while I do feel that I possess in my daily experience many qualities of a nine-to-five job (that I Love!) I make very little money for doing this and yet still, I am able to eat every day and provide for my family. In many cases, I had not even recognized that I could use a bit of a break, and much of this break was actually spent wishing I wasn’t on a break! As I have proven before, I am not very good at taking breaks. Every now and then, the stresses of this ‘job’ will pile up and I will put up a short post about taking a break, only to find the energy for an article or a channeling five minutes later, as if it just took stepping back for those five minutes and realizing it is ok to do so.

Part of me feels that our time on this ascending Earth is sparse and especially now, we have very little time left and as such I wish to spend each and every waking moment of this fading-away time to assist in this continual ascension and in the manifestation of the events we have all wished to see come to fruition. I do realize that this can strain me at times, as I’m sure do the numerous other Lightworkers who are performing similar work at this time.

With the manifestation of the event that happened two or three days ago, my Guides have shown me once again that it is indeed ok to step back every now and then and give oneself some personal healing and cleansing time. I have certainly felt a heightened sense of cleansing the past few days, and after having taken this small break I am ready to jump back into everything and begin again churning out as much and as pure work as I can possibly muster up, while making sure of course that the latter always overrides the first aspect of such work.

Without wishing to disclose too much at this time, I have at least one project in the works that I as well as the ascended sources involved in the project feel will be significant and immensely helpful. I am also looking forward to starting back up on readings and continuing to receive updates from our ascended friends who are speaking through me and so many others at this time, as well as looking forward to updating Aquarius Channelings each and every day.

Thank you to everybody who’s given me support over these past couple days, and it is good to be back!

Much Love,

Wes Annac :)