Where The Hell Are My Star Patterns by

April 25, 2012
Through hilarion

Do not reject agitation for it is the response of your light particles staring to vibrate in a new pattern, in new patterns.
Of course this is energetically unsettling until you get used to it.
Then it is different.
And does everyone understand that these new patterns represent your response to the rising energies toward the shift, so these are your patterns of transformation, but even now are also already part of your star patterns coming in.
That means this is the same as what you are seeking.
These represent portions, that as they then come together inside you,
That’s when you feel different.
Of course we can all describe it in many different presentations in words, language, ideas.

No matter.
So often talk of , idealized out of our golden remembrance,
But did you know, there are doorways within doorways, and they go in both directions,
This means there is always a extended to you, here, now, in your state right now.
This you must go through to experience and move to the next doorway for you,
And you will be involved in the process of mixing with and transforming your personal vibrational
towards the ideal doorway which you yourself envision.
So you understand this means the same as allow vibration, allow , allow flow, allow allowing.
Without thinking- it is bad just because it is agitating, for I think we now see, this is the doorway extended to you , now , now, right exactly where you are , just as you now feel.
To be under attack or under by enforced by another,
Well these are worthy of perception and awareness and mild alarm.
Yet we are not speaking about this, or even bad vibes.
We are pointing out a tendency to turn away from new incoming planetary energies
as the wave builds, simply because our energy light body particles get agitated,
instead of perhaps immediately peaceful.
In the context of the ascending frequencies and energy swings,
we think if the only symptoms are agitation,
first say thankyou 20X, and then if you are pursuing inner ascending
of the energetic and physical substance,
next, and most importantly,
embrace your vibrational reality as it even now reveals itself within you,
and know that it is good, that this is the journey, and that this is certainly part
of you, part of your path.
Additionally, for some it may resonate to approach this as one might think of the Divine Shakti.
The various aspects and phases and nuances and shifts that occur when you collaborate.
We mention this, because a spontaneously arising sense of inward trust can occur here.
For others, they will simply embrace the vibrations and allow them to take their course.
So many variations and ways, yes?
The important thing is to feel.
These vibrations are what you get in spirit and what the wonders
manifest out of.
If you don’t experience these vibrations, if you dont choose to allow, your particles to go through this fully in you and let it be okay,
and adjust, and structure, and grow,
then what else can be done?
Also remember not all inner exploration is about allowing change,
Some of it is about decoding what has already come into you,
by allowing it to holographically energetically play in and with your vibrations.

We would ask at this time in the reality
that each one be free to do this work safely,
without the interferences of outside influences and or lines of vibrational control,
which is interference.

In the spirit of exploring the light within,
I Am,