17 April 2012

Channeler: Julie Miller

in the Glory of God’s

’s Weekly Message ~ April 17 – 24, 2012
Channeled by:
April 17, 2012
Chelas, at various times along your journey you will be given the knowledge of what your path is about and the different side treks you will take. Each phase you enter, each direction you take is to bring you consciously more connected to your higher self and with God. As guides, this is our goal onto you. During the course of your journey as you meander, you will be faced with decisions that will require you to make an effort to strive and strengthen your personal connection with God. Until you go within to attempt to understand any spiritual significance the realization may not always be clear at the of the certain transformational moments. I urge you dear ones, when you find your way out of a darkened situation, take the time to emotionally, mentally and spiritually to recover. Reflect on what was learned, accept the truths that were possibly exposed, forgive and give gratitude for the experience. Become one with yourself during this and through your own self-nurturing you will notice yourself healing and blooming once again like the beautiful flower you are.

 Sometimes the lessons you face remain hidden. Not because they are lost or unclear, but because some would rather run from what is front of them. Eventually my dear chelas the running must stop. The exhaustion from not facing situations or past events will begin to play havoc on your physical body and quite possibly you feel sluggishness in regards to your spiritual endeavours. Each of you dear ones have been given Free Will, meaning you make your own choices. As any guide regardless who that may be, cannot come through the veils and choose for you. We can stroke your hair in comfort, embrace you and walk beside you. We will support you when you have need of us through an invocation from you.
There will be a time during your journey of spiritual growth and development when you will find clarity on what you should be doing on the Lightworker’s path. It is clearly evident by us that not everyone carries the same load of , but what is relevant each of you has a very specific purpose. The divine mission that you are fitted with is tailored specifically to you by you. I see many raised eyebrows here. This comes down to choices made prior to this lifetime and the level of you have. And through all this, each decision and choice you have made already has lead you to where you are now. When a chela asks, “What am I here for?” the answer is amazingly simple. You are HERE to learn, to help educate, to share, to grow, and to love. To want a clearer purpose, look at what you have been doing as far as spiritual study and mastery. Have you mastered a specific aspect such as Reiki, are you a Spiritual Consultant, do you practice Holistic healing, do you help in your community, are you a spiritual helper, a friend, a listener, are you Mother or Father to more than your own children? The list is indeed endless and so are your possibilities. Dear ones, even if you do know what it is you are to do in this lifetime, it does not mean you have to do only what you have learned. Remember you are the of your journey and where it takes you. Follow your heart, let it lead you to what really interests you and dive into it with a full heart learning all you possibly can.
It saddens us to see you condemn yourself with negative talk about being less than perfect. Some of this is because of poor company that is kept, and some from not building a strong spiritual foundation. A strong foundation is fundamental and necessary. Through the building of your foundation, so much love for yourself is found. The truths that arise are not as bad as once predicted. When building the foundation that will firmly support your beliefs, your Love, your Inner-Power and Will. You will meet your Higher Self and you will embrace what you find in awe and in love.
You will grow dear ones, and you will contribute selflessly in your own way to those around you and to mankind. You will find the path that will direct you to what you need and what to do at every interval. The foundation you build will require you to fortify it and strengthen it from time-to-time. And you do this by loving yourself, and ALL others that you come across. As difficult as it seems, each of you require the challenges you are now facing in order to fulfill the essential aspiration of your soul. Through each challenge you progress from, your knowledge increases and so does your self-worth.
Understand dear chelas, no one is lesser or greater than another. Release the anger, animosity, resentment, and need to criticize. Learn and understand the wisdom of your words, your thoughts and actions and how damaging or uplifting they can be. With true understanding of one another there will naturally come the forgiveness, compassion and gratitude and love for all people and beings. When you speak, think, write, or feel, do so with your full heart in each and every action. Let the world around you and close to you feel the love that radiates through you as pure essence from your highest self and that of God.
My goodness I love all of you and I kiss each of you on the cheek as a gesture of my love towards each of you. I, with the Power of God working through me, I bless each of you with His Guiding and Loving Light. If you so have need of me, I will be of Service in the Light of God to you when that day arises who is the Creator of me and of you.
I AM Ascended Master El Morya through Julie Miller