April 25,2012

We bring you now and for your efforts to and throw off sleep, to realize yourselves as you truly are. The stirrings in your hearts are now being felt in an ever strengthening manner. You are spreading your wings.

As you look at your inner selves, you are truly beginning to feel this. Imagine what it looks like to see that light multiplied by millions. Aroused is the sleeping dragon. once again is the phoenix. All over your world you are beginning to see the effects of your power to control your world for yourselves. Each day more of you evict those who have taken residence between you and your Creator. Your every thought, word, prayer, pain, and is, and has always been, heard and felt by the All-in-All. You need no one to bring your dreams and prayers to your Mother/Father. You have been told by every master that has been sent to you that the answers are within your hearts. There is no need for a go between when the questions and the answers are deep within you. Listen, dear friends, only listen.

Dawning now, in this season of this marvelous year, is the rising power of your realization of who you are and what you are here to accomplish. You are reaching out and finding your sisters and brothers, helping each other over each obstacle in their path. In this effort, you are finding that, in spiritual things, one plus one more does not equal two. There is a far greater increase as each of you finds their footing on the pathway. And the increases occurring each day now are producing an ever widening river of souls behind you.

Centuries of water drops can wear away stone. Onrushing floods can change landscapes overnight. Your rising consciousness is approaching flood stage. Ever more each day now, you are feeling the incoming light and welcoming the change within you. You have asked for this, and what you ask for the sake of all, you receive.

You have left the nest now and are testing your wings, wondering what it will be like to fly. Very little more time shall pass before you know the joy of your freedom. Imagine it now, my dear friends, and bring it into your reality all the sooner. We will speak again tomorrow.

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