Your every rise in consciousness raises all else. – Michael channeled by
April 3,2012

We see our messages spread across your internet to almost one hundred countries and on many internet sites. To all those who are helping to spread the messages from this and other channels, we say thank you and send our intentions for your highest good. By these actions and intentions is your born. Every person reached spreads the light to those around him. We know you know this and that this is the reason for your actions.

Some continue to warn of impending disasters, and we so wish they would find and overcome the personal fears that are causing them to do this. We ask that you reach inside, or up, whatever works for you, and find the light and love that is there for you, stronger now than ever before. All of the light of your Creator, your Source, is being focused on you, to you, now by myriad beings. All of Creation wants your success, even your “bad guys”, did they but know it.

As with everything else, your every rise in consciousness raises all else. Your Universe has decreed your ascension, and ascend you shall. There is so much evidence of this being shown to you now that it is impossible for you to find it all. Very soon you, individually and collectively, will reach a balance point and then step forward into your new reality. Will we then have come to walk with you, or will you have joined us? And which, do you suppose, would have been the best outcome for you?

So we stand at the finish line and cheer you onward. We offer support at every turn and mile marker. We make sure every obstacle is one you can overcome, or we remove it. And those who have not run in your race stand in awe of your achievement. But, as any marathon runner can tell you, that last few yards seems never to end. And that, my dearest friends is where you find yourselves today. Please feel the love and support which we know will get you to the finish.

As for the gloom and doom thing, please realize that you were not intended to reach this point in order to be destroyed, captured, drowned, crushed, burnt, or annihilated. Your Creator’s love for you has not, and never will, waver. Even more evidence of this will emerge very quickly now. You will feel it approaching if you try. Good day until tomorrow.