17 May 2012
Channeler: Solene

Many Blessings,

Confirmation of your purpose and plan will come to you in many ways. This message is about merging your and your conscious mind and the access of the void between. The clearing of the emotional fields you are experiencing is intense and has been purposely given to you beautiful beings so that you can align energies back to your core. As the reality changes, your relationships alter, your awareness’ increase, a new way of working with yourself is present. This merging occurs on a physical level, not an intellectual one. This physical existence you beings asked for is for your consistent work. Apply the processes that allow the merging. Stop your busyness as you are close to your core now. As the galactic alignment increases your abilities to feel, you can use this for your highest purpose.

As an exercise in merging, put your left hand on your heart, feel the rush of the knowing from this powerful heart. As it rushes- it creates a to your mind, it creates a void prior to . This void allows for expansive thought. Be aware of this void. The logical mind steps aside and the creative mind steps forward. Where you are experiencing a foundation of creative heartfelt movement unlike anything you have felt before. This spiral of up from the heart through the to the mind and the merging of these two energies, – your creative source center, your heart based love center, creating a beautiful synergy of purpose. The creation that follows is not in a logical pattern, not of the logical mind. It is of the heartfelt mind, the conscious mind without the details. It knows the , it knows which way you should go. It’s now for your logical mind to wrap around this knowing of your . The logical mind doesn’t step into this process for it is the creative mind that holds the executive order of your divine purpose. To take the from your heart and allow your logical mind to step in to help and with the details is what is required. As this merging happens the creative mind becomes expansive and new with no limitations, the emotional level of the creative mind is one of harmony, peace, intrigue, insight, beauty, expansion and dimensionality.

The logical mind keeps you tethered to details, keeps you from energetic expansion, it keeps you within a box. The Creative mind is here to inspire you through this next phase of the knowing of yourself and your divine plan. This knowing of yourself is your mission here on this earth plane. There is nothing else more important than for you to know this place of you. You have no other choice really if you are to be of your divine plan. This is your choice, to actively embody your divinity. If you accept the purpose and direction of your divine plan at this time your success as a person will gain notoriety. Notoriety from you and only you. Your success as a being of joy will prosper. This notoriety we speak of is from your soul only. This is in knowing your power and your love within.

This merging is occurring on a universal and galactic level and it is also happening within you. This merging is being played out in your everyday, in your everyday choices, in your everyday emotions and in your everyday reality. As you sit here contemplating ascension through your body, you may suddenly see 777, on a sign or on the box in front of you. Perhaps the first message you receive for the day is about ascending through your body, your merging of conscious mind and your heart. Confirmation from above comes in absolutes. This is how it works to be in the flow. You are confirmed and can live through symbolism. All you beautiful beings are all just symbols in the end – and in the beginning. The symbols that you see, the symbols that you experience, the symbols in your currently reality are created through your hearts and your minds and the merging of the two. It is now time to bring these together in no separation and step into the spiritual significance of this merge.

Take this power and knowledge with you now into your everyday and create the gateway.

Observe the void. Feel your heart. Access your conscious mind. Do everything differently than you have in the past. Create newness in your every moment. This helps the merging.

And in the conscious knowing of your mind you will feel the rush of come to the creative center of your mind. The logic mind can do nothing else and must step aside because of the void. Accept this void. Step into the void. Know when this void is coming, remember the feeling, the symbols that bring you there. It may come as the wind, it may come with nature, it may come as a star. When your heart is touched, embrace this void, for on the other side is heart felt creation.

Happy creating people.

this day may seventeen, two thousand twelve