17 May 2012


AKASHA: I wish to transmit to each of you a feeling, a feeling that even words can often not fully open the way to express how I feel, how the Host feel and how important it is for all of you to feel that you
have great successes inside your own being that you just cannot measure by anything outside of you – successes in your awakening, in your own ability
to maintain peace and harmony even when you do not yet know all things.

Akasha urges us to be careful about what you read and hear in the outer world

The world is entering an epic hour of such change and transformation and due to such modern means of communication, such as the internet, it is very easy to get caught up in all sorts of things that become broadcast on the internet, including people whose attention is fascinated with conspiracy theories, peoples whose attention is so fascinated about what governments are doing behind the backs of the people and those are just examples. And I ask you, beloved hearts, in all the things that you see posted on the internet and the things you hear people out in the world talk about, you have something that the mass of the people do not know. You have in yourselves, in your efforts, in your spiritual family, you have a direct connection now to God, the Infinite I AM Presence.


You have a direct connection to the Heavenly Father and the Heavenly Mother. You have a direct connection to your own Ascended Family who live in the higher realms of your Planet Earth. You have a connection to Venus and the Great Goddess of Venus who is overlighting your planet at this time. You have re-established – and
this is what is most important – you have re-established your own God connection with your own Divinity and it is your destiny and such a short destiny of time stands before you when each of you – with more hands of Grace upon you and greater intervention coming into your life – that each of you will come to demonstrate that no matter what they do in the world – governments, politicians, military – no matter what they do in the world, each of you are quietly, without the world knowing, each of you are quietly cultivating the Presence of God, the Great I AM. And as that Great I AM gains greater and stronger and more prominent expression in your lives, your minds, your feelings, your and your body, it is yours and it is a very personal path that comes for each of you NOW . . for each of you to have personal spiritual experience, experience of discovering and all that has been your efforts and studies and decrees and prayers and meditations and all that you have discovered is the right use of your thoughts and feelings, creative powers of manifestation and all these things.

It is for you to discover dear heart that you no longer have an embryo of God hidden away. Within each of you is the furnace of God that is growing so strong that will reveal first of all uniquely in your own personal experiences that which gives you 100% total knowing and confidence that the Presence inside you that is growing is no respecter of time, no respecter of space, no respecter of human laws and that it is the One Presence, the One Power, the One Intelligence that is One Law that knows only Perfection.

And when the imperfections of the outer world try to encroach upon you through the appearance side of life or the outer world it is to be your own personal experience where you will come to see, to observe, to feel that Presence in FULL CHRIST OPERATION in you and through you and as you. And so as your Mother Presence I URGE you, BE CAREFUL, BE CAREFUL about what you read on the internet – stories of the end of the world and all these things.

So many things that people broadcast on the internet dear heart. These people have no knowledge of the I AM Presence. They have no knowledge of the Ascended Master intervention that is coming. You have something that the world knows not of and it is growing, it is alive, it is in your hearts, it is inside your consciousness, it is coming closer to you from above and you have an Ascended and Angelic Family, that for the most part, the world knows not of . So will you try to remember this dear?

Cosmic events that will take place and are taking place now

Now, it was a great joy to open the way for many of the Ascended Ones to come and speak to the American people in recently. (Weekend Gathering, ‘America Welcomes the Seventh Golden Age: Living Now the New I AM Paradigm’ held May 4, 5 and 6, 2012 in Syracuse, .

http://www.akashaonline.com/downloads-1/special-events ) And due to some of the things that were shared I just wish to reiterate, there are those things that will come to pass. Whether they are prophecy, whether they are certainty, the extremity of those things or how mild they can be is not yet known, nor is the hour known.

There are some things, and if we do know, we share it with you. We know that soon as you are in the month of May 2012, we know for certainty that the Seven Sacred Weeks, a great outpouring of light that occurs twice a year in May and November, will begin again May 17th And we know for certainty that on May 21, 2012 the great gates to the next dimension, the fifth dimension will begin to open. It will take five full days for those gates to open and on the 26th of May they will be fully open with tremendous rays of Cosmic Light pouring from the fifth dimension for the first time in some 2 million years since the fifth Golden Age. We know a great part of this Cosmic Light is going to be directed to all of you to assist you to grow the light inside you. We know a great portion of that light will be projected to the Powers of Nature and the Forces of the Elements to assist the elemental kingdom, to help them recover from much discord that has been imposed upon them. And we know to a lesser degree other activities of that light will be directed elsewhere where it is required in your world. We know this for certainty.

We know for certainty that as the hour strikes midnight (Greenwich time) December 21, 2012 opening the way for December 22, we know that the Seventh Golden Age opens. We know that in the Ascended Master realms this is the end of the longest age of duality and the beginning of the age of . We know these things for certainty. Now there are things dear heart you have heard my Ascended Master Family speak of – 3 days of light, 3 days of darkness, 3 days of the Sacred Fire entering the lower atmosphere of Earth where every physical sight is raised enough to see that Sacred Fire and many who do not have the knowledge will wrongly think that the sky is burning up. Now because of a certain discourse that came through this weekend and much other information that came forth in New York, I URGE YOU TO BE CAREFUL HERE. I have given no date. No Ascended Master has given a date for any of these things and the reason that we don’t give a date and hour and the reason we don’t too often speak into the extreme intensity of that or whether it will be mild is because there is still a little bit of time and in this little bit of time that we have left such a great outpouring of the Sacred Fire from the Royal Tetons.

The Cave of Light in India is pouring so much light bringing about such a magnificent industrial revolution and modernization of civilization to the great nation of India that must rise again. Mount Shasta, is just radiating so many magnificent Violet Rays that even some students are capturing those rays in their photographs. Ascended Master retreats, most of which you do not know about, are pouring forth so much light and love. Serapis Bey and the Legion of Light who work at Jesus the Christ’s retreat in Arabia are pouring so much Resurrection Love. The Great Goddess temples situated in the ether belt around the physical sun is pouring so many magnificent currents of Love. All of these things are happening.

The great build up of the Cosmic Blue Flame by in his year (as Ascended Master Elect), the build up of the Violet Flame by in his year as Ascended Master Elect – just these few things dear heart are an example of so many Cosmic Activities that have been quietly going on behind the scenes and the importance as the Ascended Masters see it to quietly store up as much of that Sacred Fire. …

The great Goddess of Venus is pouring so much (Cosmic) Love (Supreme) to the world. And even though there are such extremities, the people of the world are coming into more harmony. The people of the world are opening their hearts and there are many pros and cons of the internet … so many people get their information from the internet and I say to you dear hearts, when the cosmic hour arrives in which there is a ‘tour de force’, in which there is a show, we’re going to do everything possible.

We’re aware of the sinister force, we’re aware of individuals who have so much hatred and we’re aware of everything that must occur to keep down the chaos and the panic during times of change and what’s so important . . and WHAT’S SO IMPORTANT for all of you precious hearts who are awakening, when you hear these things and you hear reports and you hear about he collapse of or what the American military is secretly doing over here and there; when you hear of the collapse of banking institutions and all of these things, will you ask yourself next time, ‘Yes, but do they know about the I AM Presence? Do they know about the Ascended Host? Do they know about 50,000 years of planning a Divine Plan to bring about a 7th Golden Age? Do they know about these things?’ No they don’t! . . and you do dear hearts.

For years we reminded you of how important your attention is and this year dear hearts . . I might as well say it to you as plainly as I can say it and not ‘sugar coated’ it. There’s no other way to say it except you will be tested. The world is going to change. We are entering an epic hour of change and your attention is so critical upon the Greater and making yourself an instrument that the Greater can come into this world and I do not wish any of you to have any painful lessons of allowing your attention to linger too long on something out there in the world or some appearance. Do you understand?

opening the way for the 'I in the of me'

You’re reaching an hour and I am decreeing inside the Heart of Creation that each of you, by your own efforts, by your power of attention, by what you agree with and by what you do not accept, that each of you, as quickly as possible, will build a series of spiritual experiences within you that opens the way for the 'I' in the midst of you to do all things in your life. I urge you, I URGE YOU to realize that you are all living today . . your consciousness is moving rapidly at this hour. The consciousness in the mass of the people is the slowest state of consciousness amongst the I AM Race, but for you dear hearts, and you know this, when every once in a while, periodically, you have a strange sensation with time where something that only occurred 3, 4 weeks ago seems like months ago because you’ve grown so fast in that short period of time. Yet on the other hand something that happened months ago can seem like a day ago and these are sensations of time experience and your consciousness is bypassing so often the time momentum
that is in the present world. Be aware of this and what it means for you.

Dear hearts, you know from your own past and experiences that you’ve been through shifts and changes and I wish you to tell yourself today, ‘My ability to shift from the inside out, not just a shift at the surface of my being where I then have to do a lot of inner work to get that shift happening deep inside, no, my ability to shift from the inside out impacting my mind, body and feelings simultaneously is so quickened now. My ability to assimilate, my ability to integrate, my ability to suddenly let go and in the next moment it is as if it was never a part of me.’

akasha’s divine treatment: ‘i in the midst of me can do all things’ Time will quicken and your ability to take a few magical moments, close your eye lids, say to yourself:

Peace be still. Relax. Balance your breath. Center into your heart and speak
now to yourself the following truth:

I in the midst of me can do all things. I in the midst of me, inside my heart, and my Heavenly Father are one. I in the midst of me and my Heavenly Mother are one. I in the midst of me and my Beloved I AM Presence are One Presence, One Power, One Intelligence that is expressing through my mind, feelings, body and world seamlessly and perfectly. I in the midst of me is the Way, the Truth and the Life. I will never be lost. I will never be confused. I will never enter death again because I in the midst of me is building and building and building every day and I in the midst of me is the Way, it is the Truth and it is the Life. I in the midst of me is an open door into the Light and there is not a human invention that can close that door. I in the midst of me is my Resurrection that raises me up into my all Christ Being expressing through this mind, body and feelings perfectly. I in the midst of me is the Resurrection of my thoughts, my feelings, my physical body, my being and my world. I in the midst of me is the Resurrection and the Life of all my choices now made manifest in my being and world. I in the midst of me is the Light of God that never fails and with all of my heart I greet this inner 'I', this I that I AM, this I that abides right here inside my heart in the center of my consciousness and I AM one with that great Truth, that great Presence.

Peace be still. Relax. Deep breath. Now sit quietly for the next minute and just allow the truth that you have affirmed within you to be the experience that follows. And if you give yourself this little Divine Treatment of that mighty statement, 'I in the midst of me', and then follow it with, and try to engage it and direct it into the four mighty statements that God spoke through Jesus the Christ, and then try to direct it into your experiences

Then say to yourself, ‘I have spoken the highest truth, now, let me be still, relax and be the open door for the truth I have reaffirmed to rise into full outer expression.’ Follow that by being open, being receptive, being still for a minute and then get up and go on with your day.

Akasha offers guidance for our self or for others

Let me share something with you so that you might know the immediate solution . . and maybe this isn’t even for you, maybe this is for a new student who’s having some difficulty or a student who comes to you and says, ‘You know, I’m just having some difficulty at this time. My outer world of appearances is getting to me and I’m having difficulty holding my peace. I’m entering the Violet Flames, I’m doing my calls to my Presence and yet, my appearance side of life is taking me down and I’m not getting the kind ofresults.’

You’ll never go wrong dear heart, by saying to them, ‘Well, considering what seems to be so much in your face at this time, considering what seems to be so much that you’re dealing with at this time, perhaps what might be the safest thing for you to do is to surrender, just go into a place of surrendering because when things are temporarily that way we may not know how our energy is attached to those experiences and feeding those and real surrendering is a letting go and when we let go we stop feeding the things that can sometime so trouble us.’ So that’s the very first thing that can be a little sense of guidance. Perhaps just to surrender and let go.

And then the second thing that you can counsel another or yourself, You’ll never go wrong by any effort that you make to deepen your connection inside you; deepen your connection with your heart. Your heart is where your answers are. Your heart is where your Presence engages inside you. Your heart is a source of peace and harmony and so if you just let go long enough’ . . and sometimes reason with the person, ‘Well, I know that the appearance side is so strong that it’s just demanding your attention, so even if you can’t let it go for very long, if you could just make a pact with yourself . . because sometimes a person psychologically feels if I let go I’m going to lose control and things can get worse not realizing that they’re holding on so tight that they’re actually making things worse.

So sometimes it can be wonderful guidance to self or others to say,‘Alright, what I will do is I’ll let go for 15 minutes. I’ll let go long enough so I can relax and truly try to connect inside my heart.’ Now, is there something that will help me connect inside my heart? Yes. … Trust starts with yourself and you’d be just pleasantly amazed at the little improvements that you will almost start to see immediately and the increase daily if you can reason with yourself or help another person to reason. ‘I know the situation you’re in. You don’t feel you can trust the people around you, but if you could just trust the life that beats your heart, if you could just come to a place where you could say, You know, I’m going to trust this life I have been given. Life must come with purpose, it must come! What would be the point of life? It must come with purpose and so I’m going to trust my life, this life I have been given.’

So the surrendering, the letting go and making a decision to connect more strongly and deeply and what will help that process is in between, if you make a decision, ‘I’m going to trust my life. I’m going to trust that there were decisions I made before I was born. I’m going to trust that my life comes from the Greater and has higher purpose. I’m going to trust my life and with that I will do my best to make as deep as connection inside me because today I know that when it comes to turning my attention within, into my heart, into my spiritual center, I know there is nothing to fear. There is only light and love and wisdom and guidance and answers and solution that are waiting for me.’

Does this help dear heart? I pray that my time with you this evening has been beneficial in your life, that you will hold close together. The days most likely are short before the epic hour of change, which is upon you, but when I say epic hour of change I’m speaking of the moment when there is that which is phenomena that begins to happen and the mass of the people do not understand that phenomena. But you do and you will be the enlightened ones that will say to your loved ones and families, ‘Do not panic. The sky is not burning up. It’s the Sacred Fire. It’s probably wise to stay in your homesbecause people will panic.’

I know not the hour whether it comes this year or next, but it’s coming because now the people must receive what’s going to help balance their lives and what must balance this balance from any further harm God bless you dear hearts. Stay close. Love one another, respect each other. Love your families, even if they don’t see eye to eye with you and the path that they have taken. The hour will come that they will turn to you. God bless you my dear hearts


Thank You to Yojman Chase

Source: Galactic Free Press