14 May 2012


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May 7, 2012

Why not treat your life expression like an exciting treasure hunt? You get to make the list of the treasures you wish to find. As you begin to look, you will be astonished by the wonder all around you and you will have shifted yourself into an amazing that supports creation. Further, through your focus and intention, you will be creating even more of what you wish to find. Stepping into your role of conscious co-creator doesn't need to be scary or hard. It can be a joy filled time of discovery and jubilation. ~Archangel Gabriel

May 8, 2012

Quickly setting an intention at the beginning of the day can be a wonderful practice. It doesn't need to be complicated or too specific. A simple, "Today is going to be an amazing day." Or even better, "Today I surrender to the flow and willingly go wherever it takes me." These small acts of surrender are incredibly powerful and reaffirm your commitment to your highest good. By setting your intention at the beginning of each day, you can then proceed secure in the fact that your day will unfold in the most marvellous ways. You may even be surprised by how much magic and synchronicity each day will hold from such a simple practice. ~Archangel Gabriel

May 9, 2012

We spoke yesterday of the power of intentional surrender at the beginning of your day. How you end your day can have equal importance. Spending a few moments in deep, heartfelt gratitude before you go to sleep is a marvellous practice. It will keep you in the role of co-creator by giving clear feedback to the universe and is a lovely energy to enter the sleep state from. By getting in the habit of doing both intentional surrender and gratitude, you will be anchoring the very energies you wish your life to be filled with on a daily basis. In fact, you could consider these the opening and closing ceremonies that honour the sacredness of each day spent in human expression. ~Archangel Gabriel

May 10, 2012

One of the most powerful discoveries a human can make is that life isn't something that happens to you, you are the creator of your life expression. It is from this discovery a person can move from victim consciousness and confusion into the role of conscious co-creator. It begins a process of self improvement and mindfulness that completely honours the soul's desire for you to grow. It is an absolutely breathtaking thing to behold and the entire universe rejoices every time a human has that breakthrough moment. Much like the joy and wonder that you experience with a baby's first steps, a human stepping into their role of creator opens up a vast new level of movement and how they operate is changed forever. ~Archangel Gabriel

May 11, 2012

Having gratitude for yourself is just as important as any other form of gratitude, but it is often missed. Let us assure you that we are all so very grateful for each and every one of you and the difference you are making on the planet. So why not take a moment today to feel a deep, heartfelt gratitude for yourself, your essence, and all that you do? By having gratitude for yourself, you will be finally honouring your own sacredness. As with all things, by holding that gratitude for yourself, others will mirror that back to you, which will only move you higher and higher in the energies of love and appreciation. Such a beautiful system. ~Archangel Gabriel

May 12, 2012

Those of the human expression just thrive on their days off and vacations. Their light gets brighter, they get more sleep to honour their bodies, they have much more fun and generally come to life. What if we told you living like that is possible for you every day? Of course we understand you cannot be on vacation every day. But all of the aspects that make vacations wonderful ARE available to you every day. Vacation time is spent in the now. It is following the path that brings the most joy. It is about nurturing the self and spending each day in excited expectation. It is about giving yourself time to simply BE. These are all of the aspects we encourage you to use every single day because those are all aspects of enlightenment! You do not need to travel far to experience the joy of vacation. Nor do you need to only experience it once a year. It is the benefits of living in the now that make your off time feel so wonderful and those can be employed and enjoyed every single day. ~Archangel Gabriel

May 13, 2012

On this day that celebrates mothers, won't you take a moment to honour not just your own mother, but also ? And then why not take a moment to honour yourselves as well? Because you are all participating in the birth of the New Earth which makes you all mother/father/creators. Celebrating the creator/nurturer in all of you is a lovely way to spend the day and further anchors the energies of unconditional love and unity consciousness. ~Archangel Gabriel

Archangel Gabriel thru Shelley Young
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