8 May 2012
Channeler: Le


★ Precious Angels incarnate, I am Athena and I come to you in harmony with your , keepers of Unity. We bid you good-day. In all, we feel it has been an intensely transformational week, has it not? While we are in agreement that it is not fully evident to you on the outside, there has been a tremendous amount accomplished overall, these days past. Ever watchful, we witnessed much; great healings and awakenings, releases and rebirth. You gathered as One, warriors of light from every corner of the globe – assembled as one heart, together harnessing the energies of the Day of Fives and beyond – united in solidarity for peace and love. We know that you felt the lightening of spirit and the knowing. So much knowing! For many of you, it was a reclamation of parts of your selves you had thought long lost. Many others have no recollection of anything happening at all, but do not let this trouble you. The memories shall return in due time. The activations were the most powerful to date, and must be viewed as priceless gifts from The Mother. Your pleas for aid do not go unheard, Dear Souls, and she has not failed you yet. Every drop of light, every crystalline fall of rain are the tears she sheds for you, her beloved children. Bathe yourselves in this and you will be born anew. Thank her for this gift by having faith that all is well and in Divine Order. Speak words of thanks and show it in your actions.

★ In essence, what we say is, “Job well done!” It could be no other way, as you are incapable of failure. We cannot express emphatically enough how much we long to end this chapter and be together once again. It is why we celebrate this grand success, as you should too, with great fervor. When you ask us what it should take to bring about the higher densities and Disclosure, we tell you it is this very thing you are already doing, have already done. When mankind operates in Unity, the highest mountains can be moved, and we do not speak fuguratively here. Remember this, on the days of the eclipses. Let us inquire of you – might you do more? Can you awaken the sleeping and double your efforts? Triple, even? We laugh now as we hear your response! Yes, yes, this last endeavor was quite exhausting, but your Family of Light has faith that you are all beings of unbounded potential. The rewards awaiting you make any effort worth far beyond their weight in gold. Never forget that we are One. In love and honor, we are here to assist you always.