Channeler: Ph.D


Changing Perception of

It was April 26th, 2012. My husband was driving us along the coast next to the ocean. We ‘d had a wonderful, relaxing trip and there was beautiful music on the radio. I went into a deep trance and received the below information. It was dark, so all I could do was write it down in bullets on my cell phone. This is what I got:

The edges of the 3D Matrix are crumbling
The in-between is growing stronger

The 2 outer strands of are being muted
The 10 in-between strands are being amplified

The inner 10
Are merging with the outer 2 DNA strands

3% of our DNA is routed to the 2 outside strands
97% of our DNA is routed to the 10 inner strands

The 2 outer strands perceive the 3D world
The 10 inner strands perceive the world

The outer 3D illusions are becoming weaker
The inner multidimensional are becoming stronger

Our inner reality is growing to encompass our outer world
Our inner and outer realities are becoming ONE

Our outer illusions are being replaced by our inner
Our inner perceptions are becoming our true reality

The opening of 1000 petal lotus
Reveals the thousands of realities of our True SELF


In other words, as the hard, angular edges of the 3D Matrix begin to crumble, that which is in-between is growing stronger.

The outer two strands of our DNA are getting muted and the 10 “invisible&; in-between strands are becoming amplified.

The two outside DNA Strands are actually beginning to merge into the 10 invisible strands of DNA to merge all 12 strands.

When the 12 strands are merged, it won’t look like 12 strands because they won’t be separation. Maybe it will look like the material corduroy. If you look closely at corduroy, you see there are peaks and valleys, but it’s all continuous.

3% of our DNA is routed to those 2 outside strands, whereas 97% of our DNA is routed into those 10 inner strands of DNA.

The 2 outer strands allow us to perceive our third-dimensional world, but the 10 inner strands assist us to perceive our multidimensional world.

As our multidimensional perceptions dominate our third dimensional perceptions, we can perceive the third dimension along with the higher dimensions.

We can choose to perceive and participate in the third dimension. On the other hand, we can choose to NOT perceive the third dimension and focus our attention on the higher frequencies of reality.

With the 12 strands merging into ONE again, we will regain the ability to choose to perceive the third dimension but choose NOT to participate in it.

What is happening is that the outside illusions are becoming weaker and our inner perceptions are becoming stronger. As our inner perceptions expand, they encompass that which we have perceived as the outer.

Hence, the perceptions and experiences of outer and inner world realities are becoming ONE, multidimensional world.

We can still perceive that which we have always conceived of as the outer world. However, we are remembering that the outer world is the third-dimensional matrix that we have logged into with our consciousness.

Now we are remembering that we forgot about our Multidimensional SELF who “logged into” the 3D Matrix. Once we forgot our true SELF, we believed that WE were only the avatar/earth vessel/human.

As we become detached from the outer world of lies and illusion, we become more and more attached to our inner truth. Since our Inner and Outer perceptions of reality are merging, there won’t be “outer” or “inner” reality. There will only be frequencies of consciousness.

Then the Thousand Petal Lotus opens, and we can perceive thousands of possible and probable multidimensional realities.
ALL our memory will be returned and our third dimensional reality will be transmuted to its true multidimensional expression.